Saturday, February 11, 2017

Warfighter WW2 Germany Invades!

Warfighter: September 1939

Our Squad attached to Co A was already on the border when Feld Weiß kicked off. 

Our assigned Mission was going to take us a Long Way to the Bridge we were to Capture.



Our first obstacle was to clear a Vital Bridge for the follow on forces. We were lucky to have veteran Cpl Muller with us, as he had served victoriously in Spain. His diversionary attack gave Pvt Schultz the time needed to knock out the field gun guarding the bridge. As we began to muster across the 
bridge, the Poles launched an ill fated cavalry counter charge.


Pvt Otto Gutmann managed to rain enough firepower on the cavalry to defeat the threat. 
As we moved into a Dense Forest, we again came under heavy fire pinning the squad long enough for the Poles to call up a light tank. Pvt Otto, taking it on himself, rushed forward in a self sacrifice to defeat the tank. The enemy were quickly dispatched after that display of bravery.


Koch, seeing we were burning through our supply of ammo, ordered that we quicken our advance. Splitting the squad into a fast moving force covered by our fire team and light machine gun, we were better able to quickly clear and cross a Crop of wheat and the Marshy mess beyond. Eventually Muller led us to some High Ground where we caught our breath and redistributed ammo from our ammo cans.


We raced down the crest across a Ju87 Cratered field onto the Road leading towards our objective. The enemy was alert to the importance of this road 
and defended it fiercely


It was lucky for us that we were able to gain mortar support as an enemy armored car came racing down the road.

We shifted our advance towards a Lane leading to a Ford, from which we could launch our final assault on the objective. Only light resistance was encountered along this approach





As we fought our way through the enemy, expending our last grenades, we brought the Bridge under heavy automatic weapons fire. Again the enemy had positioned a light tank to guard the bridge.




And again we needed zeroed in mortar support to clear the enemy. Having gained our objective,  we secured it, beginning what we hoped would be a short wait for our follow on forces.



Words bolted appove indicate the Mission and Location cards played. 

We are really enjoying Warfighter WW2. The game play is smooth and we just about have the rules down completely after two plays. 
Warfighter works great with 1-3 players in my opinion. We would recommend that each player should run a main soldier to get a hand of cards. 
If you are teaching a new player they could have a great time just running Squad or NPS soldiers. Next mission we will take game pictures to include in the replay. 

For a kid that grew up on Combat! reruns and Rat Patrol, Warfighter let's you feel like Sgt Saunders or Steiner. You can play as and against several different nations. We are hopeful DVG will add the French to campaign against. 

We rate Warfighter as a game WW2 tactical gamers should definitely pick up. Please follow our blog for more replays and reviews. 


Warfighter would make a great campaign and scenario generator for use with your favorite miniatures system. I could especially see a great fit with
Two Hour Wargames NUTS! rule set. 

Next Up

We really looking forward to trying Nam 65 from Flying Pig Games and of course more great Warfighter action.