Sunday, February 16, 2020


“Keep Moving! We didn’t lose the beast”, yelled Louise 
“I hope we get a closer look at the helicopter later”, exclaimed Terry
“Maggie check the tents and James get us into those offices”, directed Dan

The team finds more notebooks in the tents and then makes it into the medical 
offices just ahead of the swarm. They desperately need to find some fuel and

We have to buy some time to find equipment and an exit

Laurie find some fuel that will work

They can’t be held back any longer!

We’ve got some big beakers and that will work

Steady let the runners come

Now! Take them out!

With every zombie destroyed between the team and the abomination hoard
Maggie makes her move to stop them

I’ve got the exit hacked open

The team exits the medical offices and hopes to get a chance to review all of the 
info they’ve scooped up.

This was a crazy mission from the start. An abomination hit early and we have
to move and search until we could take it out. The timing was critical as with
the abomination in play the exit was at the helicopter but if no abomination was 
in play the exit was where we left. Had it appeared again before we could exit
I’m not sure any of the characters would have survived. Zombicide again did 
not disappoint with a close run game with many twists a turns. 

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