Friday, February 28, 2020

February’s GAO (game accounting office) Report

February’s GAO (game accounting office) Report 

My Awesome buys:
1. Grind House - we’ll be playing this Saturday. Looks like a fun theme. Grabbed the Cthulhu expansion cuz hey, it’s Cthulhu. ‘Nuff said.

2. Amerika Bomber - waited for this release. It’s close to B-17, but a tad simpler. Still a fun alternative history setting. A mission plays real quick. A campaign will take much more time and will probably get monotonous, depending on how the narrative plays out. Setup is quick which is a plus for me. I’m happy to own it.

3. Holiday Fluxx - darn it, what’s wrong with me? If my stack of Fluxx variations ever topples over, you’ll see it on a Richter Scale somewhere. But hey, it’s Christmas themed!

4. Arkham Horror LCG Point of no Return. The Dream Eaters story line remains one of our favorites in the system.

5. LotR LCG Challenge of the Wainriders Adventure Deck. Certainly an impulse buy. I was lured in by having Saruman as a Hero. I openly admit my weakness for JRR Tolkien’s series. And Fantasy Flight continues to scratch that itch for me with this LCG. Our plays of the Saga releases have been great thematic fun.

6. Letterpress - our families enjoy word oriented games at our Game Night gatherings. This one will be easy to teach and score for a larger group.

7. Strategy and Tactics Quarterly 9: The Revolutionary War. We enjoy Borg’s C&C Tricorne. I figured this will be a fun read before playing out a scenario.

Still Awaiting on:
1. Combat Commander WW1, BEF expansion - guess I believed they’d meet their Valentine’s Day delivery target. Pass the Snake Oil, I need a swig before my Brooklynn Bridge Deal goes through. It’s a fun system and I’m really looking forward to this preorder showing up at my door.

This month’s impulse buy and regret....
1. T.I.M.E. Stories - I wanted this to be a fun game and something different to occasionally play. But this doesn’t look like it is enough of an improvement over the past iteration to warrant table time. Worse yet I grabbed the expansion thinking it would put it over the top. Two botches on my part.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Amerika Bomber First Flight

April 1947. Hauptmann Steiner lifts off in his Me364 from, curtesy of Spain, the new Kampfgruppen 300 airbase in the Azores. His orders are to drop his bomb load on NYC and then continue inland and drop an Abwehr agent.

At the extreme range for Luftwaffe fighter cover the flight is attacked by 2 F8Fs flying off USS Yorktown. A Me262 chases one off, while the other F8F makes a steep diving pass doing no damage.

As Steiner spots the lights of NYC, the Belly Turret gunner shouts “2 P80s climbing from below”. The Ventral Turret explodes one before it can close, while the other makes a climbing run doing no damage.

As the run-in begins, the Amerika Bomber catches a hail of heavy flak. The American’s 120mm Stratosphere guns hammer the bomber. Seriously wounding the Tail Gunner and destroying the gun position. The Bomb bay doors take minor damage and the Airframe absorbs 2 hits.

Our Navigator and Bombardier are rattled enough that while the bombs are On Target, they barely scratch the Port Facilities.

The AAA gunners were surprised when the Bomber continued in-land rather than heading out to sea. However, the Stratosphere guns again pepper the bomber. The Navigator suffers a minor leg wound and the airframe is rattled again.

As the Abwehr Agent is about to jump, 2 P80s make attack runs. The Nose gunner explodes one, while the belly gunner prevents the other from making an effective pass. The Agent jumps and Hauptmann Steiner heads for the Azores.

Just as the Bomber crosses into the Atlantic, 2 F8Fs again barrel in. The Belly gunner again holds one at bay. The other is screaming in from 11 o’clock. The nose gunner runs out of ammo as the F8F closes in, tracers flashing past the cockpit. At that moment, the top Turret gunner stitches the F8F and it explodes.

The rest of the flight is uneventful. The Navigator will miss the next mission and the Tail Gunner will be in hospital for a month. However, our beloved Me364 “Brunhilde” will be patched and ready to go for our next mission.

Final thoughts about the game 
Horrible rules. Rules don’t say how to use the damage charts from AAA. You kind of have to deduce how the three tables interact. No biggie for veteran gamers, just frustrating. Newbies would have many question. You have to go to BGG for Special Ops mission selection. It is mentioned in the rules, but not how to pick from the three.

The game plays fast and scratches an itch. So a no-regret purchase.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


“Keep Moving! We didn’t lose the beast”, yelled Louise 
“I hope we get a closer look at the helicopter later”, exclaimed Terry
“Maggie check the tents and James get us into those offices”, directed Dan

The team finds more notebooks in the tents and then makes it into the medical 
offices just ahead of the swarm. They desperately need to find some fuel and

We have to buy some time to find equipment and an exit

Laurie find some fuel that will work

They can’t be held back any longer!

We’ve got some big beakers and that will work

Steady let the runners come

Now! Take them out!

With every zombie destroyed between the team and the abomination hoard
Maggie makes her move to stop them

I’ve got the exit hacked open

The team exits the medical offices and hopes to get a chance to review all of the 
info they’ve scooped up.

This was a crazy mission from the start. An abomination hit early and we have
to move and search until we could take it out. The timing was critical as with
the abomination in play the exit was at the helicopter but if no abomination was 
in play the exit was where we left. Had it appeared again before we could exit
I’m not sure any of the characters would have survived. Zombicide again did 
not disappoint with a close run game with many twists a turns. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Warfighter: Codename Ragnarök Anfang

A Squad of Wunderwaffe Z Truppen have been dispatched from the Valhalla Laboratories. Their mission is to clear a path for Normale Wehrmacht forces. The Z Truppen are to intercept and eliminate the Convoy escorts, allowing the Normale to launch an unhindered attack against the main convoy. Rumor has it some pearl handled general is riding in that convoy. The squad believes our higher ups have got this one backwards. We should have been given the convoy target. But ours is not to question why, but to do or die. Ha! As if death is even possible for us.

Sgt Mayer, Corporal Fischer, and Privates Hoffmann and Lange arrive at their jump off point.

Das Untote Korps squad must first pass through the Hedge Row.

The squad is immediately hung up in the brush and must burn time to clear it. It is both a difficult terrain and very well defended by strong G.I. forces.

Pvt Hoffmann has been armed with our newest assault rifle, a StG44. He burns through a clip taking out a section of seasoned veterans. 

Sgt Mayer makes a lucky spot of a sniper in the shrubs and takes him out. Cpl Fischer sprints through an opening, “Trail Blazing” a path for his team to easily follow. He also lobs a potato masher into a group of surprised Americans. Pvt Lange follows and picks of another trooper.  More time is spent clearing out the remaining enemies. Our presence as caused some terror among the enemy.

We regroup and reload before heading into the wheat field. Only to have Ambushers spring up all around. Hoffmann burns through a clip.

Mayer and Fischer toss grenades allowing the team to move into the field. Dug-in GIs open up on Mayer but fail to score. Another grenade from Fischer is a “Hole in One” and ends the threat.

The squad finally links up with their Wehrmacht comrades while also managing to break contact with most of the enemy.

Sgt Mayer “Steadies his Aim” and takes out the last pursuer. Then he shouts “Go Go Go” and the squad regathers around him. Pvt Lange and his StG44 have been key in clearing out enemies. But he likes it’s firepower too much and is burning through clips left and right. 

Time now for the final push. Hit the Convoy Escort and hit them hard. The Normale head off to set their trap for the enemy Convoy proper. 

Enemy soldiers spring up everywhere. These Americans are a tenacious enemy. Cpl Fischer shouts “Cover Me” and takes off. Lange and Hoffmann lay down accurate fire. Sgt Mayer smiles at the “Brotherhood” of his Untote, the Fallen but Risen veterans of the war. Ammo is passed to Hoffmann, his weapon a constant chatter of destruction.

It takes time, but the area is swept clear of enemy troops. The Z Menschen have prevailed again!

The second engagement with Das Untote was another fun experience. Loading both Player Soldiers with 5 grenades each, combined with the Squad being Fearless, made  these Soldiers hard to beat.  This was also my first use of the StG44. It’s great. But make sure someone is packing reloads for it. It bleeds ammo!

This was our first game with US Hostiles. I think they’d stop most normal squads from winning. Most have good attack ranges and take several hits. Ambushers, Rifle Teams, and Harassing squads abound.

This expansion pack remains great fun. I may try taking on Elite Hostiles next time. From my perspective, the developers have done a great job. My games always come down to the last turn or two. The game is easy to get into, but I can see where I can add “complexity” by mixing in elite Hostiles and trying to use fewer soldiers but more skills. The action deck, with good draws, really feed the narrative. I hate the event deck, cuz it is never my friend! Maybe I need to proxy in some Corsair Leader cards !

Thursday, January 30, 2020

January GAO (game accounting office) Report

The Old School Gamers decided to keep track of purchases,
Kickstarters, and regrets in 2020. We hope to focus more on 
games we know we enjoy, bling for those games, and expansions
for favorites, and less on buying games that never see the light 
of day while still picking up those gems that release every year. 


January’s GAO (game accounting office) Report 
Our Awesome buys:
1. Naval SitRep 57 from the Admiral Trilogy Group. Back in the day,
we enjoyed their Harpoon and Command at Sea games. Their twice
yearly periodicals are a fun read and stoke the fires to find table
time for a game or two.

2. Minis for use with Marvel Champions LCG. We enjoy adding bling
to some of our card games. We’re using heroclix figures for the
heroes and villains we have decks for.

3. Arkham Horror LCG A Thousand Shapes of Horror. This is our
Lovecraft go to game. This was a fun and exciting scenario, which
for a change our investigators performed quite well.

4. Arkham Horror LCG Dark Side of The Moon. This arrived yesterday
and we will play it out Saturday. The Dream Eaters story line is, and
has been, one of Fantasy Flights best.

5. Astronomy Fluxx. Haven’t played this one yet. It looks good and we
like that they used real photos. We often pull out a Fluxx game while
we eat or are waiting for more gamers to arrive. Quick and easy to learn
make this a backpack staple. And the price is right for our use.

6. Warhammer Underworlds Dreadfane - we are suckers for these 
B&N exclusive Games Workshop offerings. This is a quicker and easier
entry in the Underworlds series. We should be able to get this to the
table soon. 

7. Warhammer 40k Combat Arena - another B&N exclusive set in the
40k universe. The push fit minis are a big plus. This is a game of quick
and dirty arena combat. We are excited to play this one too. If it’s good
the minis might even see paint!

Kickstarters backed that ended this month
1. Meat Sweats - a backyard BBQ game for 4-10 players with a playing
time of 15 minutes. 

Kickstarters delivered

What was I thinking?
This month’s impulse buy and regret....
1. Magic the Gathering - Planes Walker decks. The Theros setting
was a favorite of ours. But two things. One, for the times we play,
we have waaaaaay to many Magic decks. Two, the planes walkers
drew us in, hope for some neat mythology related cards. I was very
disappointed. These two decks will not compete well against most
things in our gaming library. I’ve made a note to read this myself
the next time a Magic release comes out!!

2. Meat Sweats - we love quick card games and 4-10 players is a
bonus but we already have so many fun good card games that 
don’t get table time. The instant this funded and billed I did a facepalm. 

3. Battleline Medieval. We really enjoyed the first one and it saw a lot of play.
This version did not contain enough medieval theme to have me swap out
the original. And they didn’t even include the token that the original used for
showing ownership of the sector. Must fight the urge to acquire filler type
games. There are so many, and few “scream” “play me, play me!”

Let me know if you picked up something you’d recommend to us,
or of something we should avoid.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Hobbit Saga - LotR LCG

In recognition of JRR Tolkien’s birthday we launched into the Hobbit
Saga adventure. The adventure contained several challenges and had
some fun moments.

Bilbo set off with the company of dwarves. Thorin Oakenshield, Gloin, 
and Nori in one group. Gimli, Thalin and Ori in the other. 

Our Adventurers were merrily trooping along until they bumbled into Bert.
We enjoy surprises, so having not really paid much attention to the Sack
cards, we had a good laugh as their now obvious use and meaning surfaced.
Bert scooped up Thorin Oakenshield and the party burst into action.

After clobbering an ally, Gandalf hit the table and set up Gimli to deliver the
finishing blow to Bert.

Our threat levels were creeping up fast, and with Gandalf out of one hand,
this “Troll party” began to spiral out of control!

Tom swoops in and Sacks Bilbo. Time to read the fine text. We quickly travel
to a site location allowing Bilbo to burgle his way out of his sack. Next turn he’ll
free Thorin. 

Then William shows up and we are forced to absorb more threat levels. Over
the next three cycles, with the help of another Gandalf, we manage to set Gimli
up to first take out Tom and then William. 

We were fortunate, in that we wanted to visit the locations Tolkien’s story traveled
through. Bilbo and Thorin’s party had successfully explored the Troll cave.
We didn’t realize how cool that was until....

We are now all set for the next stage. We hope to get that to the table soon.

For Anyone wanting a fun refresher on the Hobbit tale, we really enjoy the
1977 Bass & Rankin program with Orson Bean and John Huston.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Zombicide: Follow the Clues

“It wasn’t all BS” exclaimed Dan

For weeks the team had been following the hand drawn map Jose had given them. 
The team found Jose bitten and dying but he appreciated the company and kindness
the team showed him. 

Jose said he was a scavenger for a camp that was still functioning and trying to 
assist folks just outside of a hospital the CDC had taken over. He was cornered
by a swarm and his gun jammed. He managed to slide through but got bit in the

“Follow this map. I’ve marked key landmarks and known danger points. Don’t 
let me change...” said Jose
Maggie gave him a nod and toke care of it about an hour latter. 

The team had just cleared a path to the make shift camp so the knew the
situation had gone bad at some point recently.  

Let’s search the area and those tents. Maybe we can pick up some bread crumbs 
to follow. 

We quickly take care of the doors and search both sides. This place must have
fallen recently. Lots of fresh fast zombies!

The team does well keeping the zombies from grouping and quickly searching for
clues to what happened as well as the usual quest for food, weapons, and ammo. 

The zombies are swarming....too much noise. 

Dan and Louise are feeling like they are about to be cutoff. 

Terry gets rushed but hold the gap open for Dan and Louise 

Watch the crawlers!

Maggie, James, and Laurie search the tents

“We gotta get this done”, shouts Dan over the roar of battle

“Found some folders and a brief case marked CDC”, yells Louise. 
“Let’s find a way out and see if we found anything good”, replies Dan

The team steps into the pocket to determine the best way out

“There! We can go between the tents and get outta here”, directs Maggie
The team moves quickly and starts to put distract between them and the zombies. 

Our first go at Rue Morgue was fun and wow nothing tougher than putting out a crawler 
for each 1 rolled along with a kill. The Rue Morgue campaign is moving toward a link up
with our Yacht / Rock Campaign. Thanks for reading, following, and commenting.