Saturday, March 3, 2018

Get to the Yacht!

Get to the Yacht! The conclusion of the Yacht Campaign 

The Road So Far

It has been a hard week since the return to the 

hideout for the group of hardened survivors. 

Both of the teammates rescued had succumbed 

to their wounds but at the least they had been 

among friends and not zombie bait. Phil and Doug

have decided the best path is still to make a last ditch 

assault on the docks in hopes of gathering enough 

supplies and taking the yacht to sea. There are lots 

of islands and raiding opportunities up and down 

the coast. Modern day Zombie Apocalypse Vikings, 

now that is a great team objective!

The team enters the dock area and surveys road ahead

Music can be heard in the distance

The area has suffered lots of damage since our last run

A zombie surprises Ned while looking for food

Amy has the same luck!

Doug dispatches a fattie

Phil breaks the barricade into the house separating the 

Team from the dock

Phil discovers Otis. He survived the last group that

Attacked the docks. It did not go well. The music playing 

is from a police car used to draw the zombies away.

It worked too well and the group was over run!


Josh and Amy hold the intersection while Doug

gathers a last few supplies

Zombies are still swarming to the police car

The team makes its move. Wanda checks the car partially

hanging over the water and finds a good weapon.

The group makes the yacht and the main deck appears 

sparsely populated.

More zombies appear

Otis is surprised and wounded!

Josh, Phil, and Doug hold the plank even as dogz 

charge and zombies crawl out of the water.

The lower deck is overrun with zombies!

No one is watching the backdoor!


The team rushes down stairs with a flurry

of destruction

Wanda, Amy, Doug, and Ned look to secure the plank

Hearing the onslaught approaching they move to meet

them head on. While Ned, Phil, and Josh move to ascend

to the upper level in order to get the yacht started.


Abomination! Luckily Josh had a Molotov prepped for 

just this occasion.

The yacht is secure!

Phil, Amy, and Doug get back on board and start 

destroying the plank.

We made it the boat is actually moving away

from the dock.



Five of the survivors suffered wound during this mission.

We decided each member who suffered a wound would

make a survival check. Roll a d6 for each wound and 

on a 5 or 6 the player was a goner. Amazingly, everyone

survived with no fudging! 





WOW! This was an amazing fan made campaign

that we really enjoyed. In the conclusion of the 

Mission 1 post you can find the details of where

to find the material. We look forward to using the

yacht as a base and seeing where the campaign

takes us next! Zombicide never disappoints. We were

really lucky on searches and found the required food, water,

and rice quickly. Early on, we also came up with the bottle

and gas needed for the Molotov. We suffered more wounds

this mission than any other in the campaign. Thanks to Otis

for taking his share!


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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hell’s Beach June 6, 1944

June 6, 1944 - Day of Destiny 

Elements of the Big Red One have hit the beach. 

The Germans have remanned their defenses and opened up on the Americans. Machine gun 
fire from the Bunker and farm exacted a heavy toll.

The Americans make a push off the beaches. German machine guns and mortar rounds
all around the attackers. The villages and farms are strongly garrisoned. The heavy volume of 
American fire is largely ineffective.

The American Platoon Leaders finally remember what they read in the field manual about Assaults.
With renewed vigor, the American troops quickly destroy the Tiger tank that was holding the village 
of Harlet, even as two other platoons swarm through Basile sur Mer, clobbering the German 
defenders. The Breakout is on now. 

Two P47 thunderbolts began plastering the Germans waiting inland. Unfortunately, as was the 
case with the 5 incher Support from off shore Destroyers, their bombing runs miss the mark.

Failure to make use of Close Assaults early in the battle has cost the Americans too much time 
and material. The order goes out to hold in place and await reinforcements.

The Germans have gained an expensive tactical victory. Their respite will not last long. 
Uncle Sam has a long arm and packs a mean punch.....

This was a replay of Hell’s Beach from Columbia Games Combat Infantry.

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replays and reviews. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tiger Leader - Poland 1939

Tiger Leader - Opening Invasion 
Campaign: Poland 1939
Objective: For the Reich

Week 1: The invasion begins
Game 1

The opening battle sees a German mixed force colliding with the Polish 4th Armored Scout Force. 
The Polish forces responded aggressively, counterattacking to eject the Germans from their first 
captured village.

As the German Rifle Squad dug in to hold onto their gain, Sgt Schultz charged his armored car into 
the fight. The 231AC destroyed the 2 Polish squads.

 The Polish Armored forces surged forward, flanking the village. Sgt Dietrich drove his 
PzII out from the safety of the woods challenging the Polish advance. Seeing this, Sgt Schultz 
left the village in order to clear the Polish supporting infantry from the woods. Seeing this, 
the last Polish tank began blasting away at the forces left in the village. Cpl Steiner, a veteran
of the Spanish War, led his anti-tank squad out of the village to finish off the Polish armor.

The open field assault left Cpl Steiner shaken and out of the next battle. Not surprisingly, 
Cpl Saltz, who’s HMG team never fired a shot, worked his Political connections to gain 
promotion for having fought courageously (?).

Here are the participating units and their “kills” during the battle.

Tiger Leader

Campaign: Poland 1939

Objective: For the Reich 

Game 2

Week 1: A collision of Scouting Forces

The next battle sees a small German force aggressively assaulted by the Polish 12th Armored 

Scout Group. The Polish forces advanced rapidly (+3 Tac Rolls). Fortunately for the German 

units they had found good ground to accept the assault. 

Sgt Fischer’s PzIII quickly dispatched a rifle team. The fast moving Polish Forces were unable 

to register any hits. Fischer then went to work on his biggest threats, the Polish Tanks, as 

Sgt Müller advanced his PzI against Polish Riflemen.


An exchange of attrition began. The PzIII took an engine hit, severely rattling Sgt Fischer. 
At the same time, the Polish Tank, seeing his infantry support annihilated, fired and brewed 
up the PzI. Fortunately Müller was dragged from the wreckage, stunned but surviving the 
first day of the war! Cpl Stump led his team in taking out the Polish Armored Car in the 
village, earning himself an increase in grade.

Fischer put two fast rounds into the last Polish tank, bringing the encounter to a close.

Here are the participating units and their “kills” during the battle.

Game 3 Week 1: The last encounter

The Germans committed their final forces. Sgt Schmidt in a Pz38T and Cpl Eschbach’s 

mortar team. 

Exhibiting the worst of luck, the small German force emerged in the mists of a very strong 

Polish Command Recon Force. Outnumbered 10 units to 2.

The Pz38 was able to knock out the first Polish Tank encountered in the forest. Eschbach ineffectively 

lobbed several mortar rounds at the nearby enemy.

The return fire was devastating. Enemy mortar rounds devastated the German mortar team in one 

barrage. Schmidt advanced his tank out from under the hailstorm. Schmidt fought his lone tank 

brilliantly, destroying an Armored Car, Mortar team and another Polish Tank before an enemy 

mortar round pierced his tank’s upper deck, destroying it.

This would not be a glorious day....

Final Thoughts

As with all of DVG’s Leader games, Tiger Leader campaigns will be tough to win. 

This was a solo effort by one of our gaming Posse but these games work really well

as cooperative efforts too. Tiger Leader could easily serve as a scenario generator 

for miniatures games like Warlord’s Bolt Action or Two Hour Wargames NUTS! series. 

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Looking to 2018

Happy New Year!

Instead of looking back at a fairly good gaming year in 2017 despite my poor blogging 
in the last four months let’s look ahead to 2018. 


I hear stirrings of both a LW 4th edition and a Team Yankee league forming very soon.
I hear there will be one game a month instead of two. I hope that is true as that works
better for my ability to play. Here is to hoping my Stukas and Cobras sting the
enemy soon. We are really excited by the release of Tripods and Triplanes coming
later in 2018. 

Board Games

The final Yacht Campaign Mission should happen early in the year and then we
are eager to return to Black Plague. I have also plunged back into Star Wars Imperial 
Assault and X-Wing. Our gaming group plans to get Conan, Ghostbusters, Space Patrol,
and Shadows of Brimstone to the table. Games Workshop looks to be well back in the
mix too. Necromunda, Shadespire, Gorechosen, and Execution Force are definitely in
the queue. 


Playing wargames has us all very excited. We neglected this part of our hobby a bit too
much in 2017. Our list is huge but the top few needing play early in 2018 are Warfighter,
B17 Leader, Nam 65, Combat Commander, Brezhnev’s War, Tricorne, and OST. Sincerely,
the list here is so full of goodness that I need to win the lottery to get caught up. I have 
also stockpiled many solitaire wargames and intend to play one a month and post the 

Card Games

Getting all of our Magic duel decks played is always a goal. We look forward to the Realms 
offering and especially look to bear the HeroRealms quest. Down in Flames and
Modern Naval Battles look to see more table time too as they offer a quick and satisfying 
wargame like fix quickly with little setup. 

Sports Games

(Edit) As Bilbo pointed out in the comments, we are going to get a favorites from years
past back on the table. We have slated a Strat-o-Matic Baseball series, Slap Shot Hockey,
and maybe a few others like SOM Hockey and Sports Illustrated Football! 

Closing 2017

I hope everyone had a great 2017 and all of your 2018 gaming is fun and plentiful!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Supply Run

Yacht Campaign Side Mission

We barely escaped our old base as the barricade collapsed and
the zombies and dogz flooded through hot on our tail. Luckily,
Josh found a place for us to hide while the hordes disbursed. 
Nick and Ross are not doing well and don't stand a chance of
making to to the yacht without meds not to mention we needed
ammo to fight our way onto our escape vessel. Phil decided that
as the team lead he would take his last ammo and make a supply 
run while the others recuperated and tended to our injured. 

How we got to this point

Phil and Dong discuss the fallback plan in case Phil isn’t back in 24 hours

Phil slips quietly into a nearby neighborhood in hopes of finding ammo and
medical supplies. Phil encounters no zombies in the first few homes then
jackpot. Phil finds some medical supplies. Now, we just need some ammo. 

Phil has found some ammo but not really enough for the charge to the dock
and the dogz around the Yacht. The volume of zombies is growing as Phil
presses on. 

Bingo! Phil finds a stash of ammo in a house with a few zombies

After searching about 20 houses, Phil has everything the group needs. 
He even found a few cans of food. Phil makes his way back the way
he came successfully killing and dodging the growing number of zombies. 

As Phil rejoins the group, he has a nawing thought that this area was lacking
zombies so they are at the dock between them and escape. 

What you need to play Supply Run

Supply Run Rules which are free
Risk and Rewards Deck $5 from Two Hour Wargames
A few markers which can be miniatures, pennies, or anything else to denote
zombies, survivors, and your character. Supply Run is a fun and quick
play. You can use option rules to increase the difficulty and even run it
as a co-op game. 

Wrap Up

I have played Supply Run many times and have never had the cards and 
dice go my way like this run. We are hoping to play the concluding mission
of the Yacht Campaign very soon. 

Thanks swinging by and reading our blog. If you are inclined we love
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