Friday, June 16, 2017

German FJ Company versus Soviet Light Tank Company

Soviet Union Winter 1941
The German drive into Russia had slowed with the onset of a harsh winter.
Soviet forces had also begun localized counterattacks as the Germans 
supply lines stretch to the breaking point. 

The German FJs were suppressed to see the Soviet infantry and tanks 
appearing in force to their front. Only half of their force was in place. 
The envelopment was developing rapidly but the entire field is muddy
forcing the Soviet tanks to stay on the roads. 



Only the 10.5 mortars and one FJ platoon with attached HMGs were
in place. 


The Luftwaffe swoops to to help stop the T26's


The mighty KV bogs trying to hurry down the road towards the exposed


PaK 36s ambush the T26s on the right flank


The Soviet infantry quits the field after sustain fire from infantry and
HMGs but the Soviet tanks are still baring down on all roads.


The Pak 36s on the right are destroyed and the ones on the left are about 
to eat lots lead and are about to be destroyed. The KV is back on the


The Luftwaffe braves heavy AA and destroys the KV


Soviet tanks including flame tanks engage the last reinforcement platoon. 
The FJs assault the tanks and drive them back but only bag one tank. The
FJs fall on the next turn and the Soviets own the day. 

The game was a really fun 4-3 victory for the Soviets. It was fun as both
sides were dishing out destruction. In the end, my Crete list FJs didn't 
have enough AT assets to carry the day. I had several air attacks chased 
off by AA so had the struck home it might have gone 4-3 the other way. 
Many thanks to Kevin for a game played in the right spirit and we both
had fun. Early War tends to always be fun in my book. 

We were playing v3 but since I really enjoy Team Yankee I'm looking
forward to v4 escalation event coming soon. Thanks for visiting and please 
consider following LZBravo. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Zombicide: The Yacht Campaign

Zombicide: The Yacht Campaign

Mission 1 – Find the Yacht and Rescue the Girl

Josh picked up a girl on the shortwave radio he had repaired several weeks ago. 

The girl said her name was Diane and she was hiding in a secure room on a yacht 

docked at the local marina. She is apparently sick but says if we can bring her 

some medical supplies she can help us. The docks are crawling with packs of 

zombie dogs and in fact almost cost the group two members last time we tried

 to scout the area for supplies.

After some discussion the team decide that since they were getting desperate to 

find a way out of the area maybe this yacht held promise and yeah we still see 

ourselves as the good guys albeit as Doug says Chaotic Good at best. The plan 

is for Doug, Phil, Josh, and Wanda to try and do in quietly grab some medical 

supplies, get the girl, and get back to our safe spot. If that all come together, we 

can see how the girl can help us improve her prospects.


The team approaches the docks near the yacht.


Looking for supplies, the team is attacked by zombie dogs. 

They are quick, hard to hit, and dangerous.


Phil and Josh search for supplies and run into dogs and fatties!

Phil and Josh barely escape with only light wounds while dispatching the zeds.


Wanda and Doug work the other direction looking for the needed medical supplies.


The team has done well. We are armed up and have the medical supplies in hand. 

It is time to take the yacht and find the girl.


There are so many zombies and Z dogs! They keep coming in waves. 

There are too many for the quiet approach. 


Josh and Doug hold the gang plank while Phil and Wanda look for the girl.


Barely holding onto our only egress!


We found her exactly where she said she would be hiding.

Let’s get out of here! The team fights its way off the yacht and heads for the 

exit from the docks.


Surprisingly and narrowly we escape through the fence surrounding the docks. 



We make it back to our hideout but the girl still seems a little sick, Thre are no 

signs of wounds so we are hoping rest, food, and care will get her well. The 

yacht was great and we feel we could clear it and make it a safe haven. Should 

we dare to dream that we could get it running

Zombicide is consistently a really fun and tense game. We look forward to the 

twists and turns of this campaign. You can find the campaign linked below.

Zombicide The Yacht



Saturday, April 15, 2017

Execution Force

Assassinorum Execution Force


The forces of Chaos are very close to completing a ritual that will be devastating for the forces of the Imperium. 
The only option is to insert four of the Emperor's finest assassins to kill the sorcerer before the ritual is completed. 

The Target


The Mission

The Assassins must infiltrate the base and quickly find the control room and teleportation room. 
Once the teleportation device is activated from the control room the assassins can be teleported into the
Sanctuary. In the Sanctuary, the assassins can defeat the sorcerer. 

The Assassins


The clock is ticking so once inserted the team wastes no time in scouring for the control and teleporter rooms. 
The resistance appears light and the team is confident of success. 


The patrols are becoming more active but it is still manageable for the team 


Warning alarms sound and the base is covered with cultists and chaos marines. 
The team has still not found any of the objectives and every is fully engaged. 


After spending precious time wading through the defender, both the control and teleportation 
rooms are discovered in rapid succession. 


The team decided to overwelm the last cultist between us a the teleporters. As two of the team approach, 
the impossible happens and with one swing of his spiked club we have lost one of our own. 


One of our team decides to rush through the teleporter in order to take the pressure off 
of the rest of the team. 


Quickly a second member is through but the forces of chaos are legion around the sanctuary. 

We move to flank the chaos sorcerer but the chaos marine's aim is true and the second assassin 
is down. 


I will put eyes on the demon before we all fall!


Despite the teams valor we have failed the Emperor 

The final view



We really enjoyed the game and love the self contained game in the 40k universe. Assassinorum is a cooperative 
game for one to four players all playing assassins.  The game has lots of flavor and replay value. The room and 
event cards will make each play different. The rules offer several variation on ways to play and gain achievements. 

The team made several tactical mistakes in our first play of the game. The first error was we fanned out and 
created a map full of chaos hunting us while at the same time limiting our support of each other. The second 
mistake was going through the teleporter piecemeal which allowed the chaos forces to get too strong around 
the sorcerer. 

Since we have enjoyed both Gorechosen and Assassinorum, we will try and play Lost Patrol very soon. 

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate everyone's comments, follows, and reading the AAR. 


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Team Yankee - USA versus Czechs AAR

The Soviets have moved their frontline units in a thrust to the south. A Czech force appears to be ready to withdraw from the town they now occupy. 
The US force is moving quickly and hopes with a little nudge the Czechs will quit the town. 


We are playing a 70 point fighting withdrawal with the Czechs defending. 

The Game
The US advances around the wooded hill to engage the BMPs and T55s on the left while two Cobras watch the right. M109s bring fire on the road junction to break up the rear of the Czech forces. 



The Abrams destroy several BMPs and their comrades decide to quit the field. 


The US prepares for the second stage of the attack

T72s and Helocopters appear on the left. 


Czech Artillery, tank, and ATGM fire is taking a toll on the US but hopefully the Airforce support will arrive and thin the hoard. 


The A-10s sweep through the Czech reserves. Heavy AA fire keeps their run from doing any real damage but they both survive!


The US AA moves to engage the Czech helicopters and destroys the both a turn later after surviving a volley of fire from the Czech infantry. 
The Czech have shot down the Cobras, destroyed the AA, and knocked out my other TOW support. The US withdraws and for today the Czechs still control the McDonalds!

This was my first game of Team Yankee and I really had fun. I appreciate Ken setting up a great table and offer a fun great spirited game as always. 
He used the East German lists but his vehicles look great with Czech decals and all. I used what I owned but I learned a ton in my first game about how to better build my force and not to mention never play at 70 points! I knew this was going to be a tough day as we ramfomed a defensive mission and I ended as the attacker. I used my Cobras and A10s poorly even with Ken's coaching. I very much look forward to my next game and yes I noticed that I lacked pictures of my stuff blown up. 


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Scots-Irish Army

Saint Patricks day is nearly upon us so I thought there was no better time to debut my newest DBA, HOTT, and Rally Round the King army. 


The DBA 2.2 list includes 
3 Light Chariots
7 AX
2 Ps


The HOTT Army includes
1 Hero General
1 Magician 
3 Riders
5 Warbands


The fearless general


The mage


The base camp with a Druid performing a ceremony to ensure victory

Rally Round the King
I really love playing DBA and HOTT so for all of you that do too please take a look at Two Hour Wargames Rally Round the King (RRtK).
RRtK uses the Two Hour Wargames reaction system which allows easy and satisfying solo games. RRtK has both fantasy and historic list plus it has a solid campaign system. I have even used RRtK with my home brew AWI conversions. One of my current efforts is to create lists to use RRtK for ECW. 
The biggest challenge is the combined pike and shot units standard in that era. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Warfighter WW2 Germany Invades!

Warfighter: September 1939

Our Squad attached to Co A was already on the border when Feld Weiß kicked off. 

Our assigned Mission was going to take us a Long Way to the Bridge we were to Capture.



Our first obstacle was to clear a Vital Bridge for the follow on forces. We were lucky to have veteran Cpl Muller with us, as he had served victoriously in Spain. His diversionary attack gave Pvt Schultz the time needed to knock out the field gun guarding the bridge. As we began to muster across the 
bridge, the Poles launched an ill fated cavalry counter charge.


Pvt Otto Gutmann managed to rain enough firepower on the cavalry to defeat the threat. 
As we moved into a Dense Forest, we again came under heavy fire pinning the squad long enough for the Poles to call up a light tank. Pvt Otto, taking it on himself, rushed forward in a self sacrifice to defeat the tank. The enemy were quickly dispatched after that display of bravery.


Koch, seeing we were burning through our supply of ammo, ordered that we quicken our advance. Splitting the squad into a fast moving force covered by our fire team and light machine gun, we were better able to quickly clear and cross a Crop of wheat and the Marshy mess beyond. Eventually Muller led us to some High Ground where we caught our breath and redistributed ammo from our ammo cans.


We raced down the crest across a Ju87 Cratered field onto the Road leading towards our objective. The enemy was alert to the importance of this road 
and defended it fiercely


It was lucky for us that we were able to gain mortar support as an enemy armored car came racing down the road.

We shifted our advance towards a Lane leading to a Ford, from which we could launch our final assault on the objective. Only light resistance was encountered along this approach





As we fought our way through the enemy, expending our last grenades, we brought the Bridge under heavy automatic weapons fire. Again the enemy had positioned a light tank to guard the bridge.




And again we needed zeroed in mortar support to clear the enemy. Having gained our objective,  we secured it, beginning what we hoped would be a short wait for our follow on forces.



Words bolted appove indicate the Mission and Location cards played. 

We are really enjoying Warfighter WW2. The game play is smooth and we just about have the rules down completely after two plays. 
Warfighter works great with 1-3 players in my opinion. We would recommend that each player should run a main soldier to get a hand of cards. 
If you are teaching a new player they could have a great time just running Squad or NPS soldiers. Next mission we will take game pictures to include in the replay. 

For a kid that grew up on Combat! reruns and Rat Patrol, Warfighter let's you feel like Sgt Saunders or Steiner. You can play as and against several different nations. We are hopeful DVG will add the French to campaign against. 

We rate Warfighter as a game WW2 tactical gamers should definitely pick up. Please follow our blog for more replays and reviews. 


Warfighter would make a great campaign and scenario generator for use with your favorite miniatures system. I could especially see a great fit with
Two Hour Wargames NUTS! rule set. 

Next Up

We really looking forward to trying Nam 65 from Flying Pig Games and of course more great Warfighter action.