Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Warfighter Drop Zone North Korea

We’ve intercepted heavy radio traffic coming over the NK’s military net. Much of it seeming to be frantic calls for support, oddly enough being sent in the clear. Satellite intel shows scenes of rioting and mass murdering occurring in every major city we monitor. The NK military is moving mechanized units into the cities and engaging the mobs.

Their Chinese buddies seem to fear the mobs of NKs gathering towards their shared border. Something about those herds has caused the Chinese to drop every bridge joining the two countries. They have also tripled the number of river boats patrolling those areas. They know something we don’t!

Given our suspicions concerning the Covid-19 outbreak, our white coat people fear some biological experiment might have blown up in their face.

The president has authorized your team to drop into NK and demolish the People’s Highway Bridge before the rabble crosses. The fly in your whiskey is that our SK “partners” want to goodwill any and all support requested by their estranged brothers. So, you must make a covert insertion and drop the bridge from the NK side, preferably without tipping off the SKs.

Here’s your brief:

Sack up, you liftoff in 30.

The team drops into the middle of some NKs. Fortunately we hit them before their shock wore off.

The Bridge approach was well defended. We ran into some tough terrain (time marker advanced 2 spaces).

The enemy had the benefit of knowing the countryside, and made taking them out more difficult than African warlord mission troops had been. The team slowed their advance in order to reduce the engaged forces.

The squad expended the few grenades they had, eliminating many of the enemy. The team then spread out to cover the Supply Drop zone. 

Dammit. The drop overshot even our forward position. It had the equipment needed for dropping the bridge. Time to hump it and reconsolidate the squad. Team Lead sprinted forward, having seen the chute hung on the bridge itself.

The bridge was well defended. The squad laid down suppressing fire, allowing a snapshot at the officer as he sprinted towards his commo Jeep.

With the M3 Gustav retrieved, Lead dropped back and let loose at the main trestle. The NKs stared in shock as the bridge fell into the river. Time for the squad to skin out, and skin out they did!


So begins our Special Operations Group X (SOG X) campaign. Future posts will show more about this hard hitting group of operators and their wins and losses fighting the hidden war. 

We enjoy the Airborne missions. Behind enemy lines cards are greatness and can really add excitement to a mission. As do the landing zone cards.

This was our first encounter with North Korean forces. They were tougher than the Middle East and African forces. We are going to need to up gun our weapons. We could really use a ranged weapon with spray!

Great game. Good fun.

We wonder what outbreak was behind this mission? Stay tuned.....

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Grimsaw and Maibala were not happy to be ordered back into the jungle. They had been the only ones to return alive from the last foray. Nerves were frayed.
Their confidence was bolstered somewhat by having veteran jungle fighter Sala assigned to the mission.
Shadows and fog engulfed the team from the outset. Sala slid his blade from its sheath as the fog closed in. It comforted him. Grimsaw received a hailstorm of rifle fire as he emerged from the fog.

The team closed ranks and forced the enemy to hunker down.

Grimsaw’s frayed nerves were making him careless. As he advanced, he triggered a boobytrap. As enemy forces gathered ahead, Maibala played rearguard.

Grimsaw, a tad crazed, rushed recklessly ahead of the team. He wanted this objective Bad.

Sala remained behind to deal with threats lurking in the fog. A fog which seemed to trail the squad while growing denser. The others rushed to aid Grimsaw.

Grimsaw’s crazed rush, left the team stretched out along the path. Kute paid the price.

Sala fell out of contact. However, his efforts in the fog kept forces from building up on the objective. Grimsaw reached their goal, but the fog had allowed a major build up to occur (RP hostiles + a 5 points).
His grenades would even the score.

Time was running out. Maibala heard Sala cry out and headed back to help. He had little to aid Grimsaw.
Grimsaw was making a last stand. He had to clear the area or all would be lost.

The fat lady sang. Time had run out as the fog engulfed the four soldiers. 

Thus ends our three R’Lyeh missions. Zero wins. The module has great new twists, which required us to rethink our tactics and loadouts. Obviously we needed more plays to get it right.

This final mission was extra bloody, and fun. We prefer challenging missions and have often found the more enjoyable sessions to be those that result in casualties and even failure. Here the result is if the time expires, the squad is never heard from again.

The soldiers in this module are all fun to mix into the missions.

The Mission Team

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Warfighter WW2 - British Landing Tactics Exercise

A squad from the London Fog Regiment was tasked with clearing a channel off the beach for the follow on forces. In reality this was an exercise testing the Brits Shore Invasion tactics.

The run in aboard one of the Yank’s Higgins boat was a bit dodgy (all soldiers suffer a suppression)

The Captain’s Leadership drove the squad off the boat and into a Boiling Surf and the team machine gunner forced the enemy spotter to ground while the rest detected a sniper and peppered him with suppressing fire. An MG42 opened up and wounded our MG trooper.

The Boiling Surf battered the team as the advanced (after rolling all suffered an opening suppression).

The Captain rushed forward and dropped two PIAT rounds on the MG42.

The rest advanced onto the Deadly Beach zone blasting away at the spotter and sniper, again suppressing those enemies.

Now the final push began. Rushing the Recon objective, members found a cache of enemy grenades (Objective text) and began lobbing them at the enemy. Corporal fired a rifle grenade into the MG42 (with Blast) position wiping it out. 

At close range the mopping began in earnest.
As the last enemy position was cleared, the squad consolidated at the top of the dunes and awaited the follow on force.

The beach was cleared, and it was generally a cake walk. The expensive PS was well worth the cost. The combo of PIATs, Rifle Grenade and the objective providing each entrant 2 grenades made this a very achievable mission.

The Starting Forces

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Castle Frankenstein Ep 3 - Taking it to the Man

Charlie hoped the third time would be a charm. The Brass had given him and Rika an old fashioned cuss out. However, they to realized that something new, strange, and deadly was happening. 

Brass was banking that a recent ULTRA intercept held the key to ending this scourge. The coded message had requested barrels of exotic chemicals and heavy water for something Jerry called Projekt Terminator. The fact that the requester was codenamed Doktor Frankenstein was the one detail that made this sketchy. But the target site seemed to fit the tab for what was happening. 

Regardless, Brass was willing to send six Joes in to case this FrankenDen. The team would be beefed up compared to the last two.  Still Charlie had suggested it should be handed over to the Airborne. When Brass said “not their job.”, Charlie put in for a transfer to the Airborne. Transfer Denied! Well, at least he wasn’t headed back to that damned Fortress. 

Man the Brass just isn’t hip to what we’re up against. These missions just get tougher. It was all the team could do making a path through the Jerries guarding the Castle’s entrances. Rika and Duncan burned thru their “hands” of tricks, as Charlie used a metal rainstorm to clear a path. 

Charlie cut a path for the team to make it past a vault of Vats. Randell took point as the squad headed up the tower’s staircase. Rika gasped as a Sounder of Wild Boars, armored and weaponized tore into a shocked Pvt Randall. While Randell’s “Number was Up”, at least he took the Sounder with him, tumbling over a ledge, sows in tow.

The team paused to regroup and reload. Charlie pumped a rocket into the Jerry Axemen before catching up to the others. But those Axemen were Lumberjacks and they were okay! They chop down GIs and work all day!

An officer peered down on the team. Shouting orders only Rika understood to enemies we couldn’t see.

At the top of the stairs, Duncan and Allen dove into some sort of crazy control room.
Allen stood to take point. A burst from a team manning Hitler’s Buzzsaw downed him before he could call out a warning. Lucky for Duncan, the round labeled “Duncan” ricocheted off his helmet. 

Jerries poured out of every rat hole in the castle. Time was running out. Turner got caught in a hail of fire from a rifle team and went down for good. The team could not generate enough firepower to stall the FrankenGuards. 

A decision was made to rush Frankenstein’s lab. Duncan grabbed a couple potato mashers from a dead grenadier and made his Hero play.

Damn the entire army was here guarding the Doktor!

Duncan underhanded a potato masher, arching it perfectly at Frankenstein. He was rewarded with a thousand piercing rounds. Duncan’s last image was of a squattie toad like man in a lab coat diving on the grenade. The Blast (6 dice) from the grenade barely had his number.

Charlie and Rika realized their time had also run out. The last thing Rika understood was the Doktor shouting “To my uboot!”.


Well that went poorly.
Even though we took three Player Soldiers, weapons with range and Many grenades, we were easily stymied again.

Luckily no Chemical locations were drawn. The Mission’s 10 turn limit was way to tight. By he third location we knew we had trouble. And big brother botched his shuffling roll, as locations were hard to come by, costing us several discard and draw actions.

We had decided during a traditional WW2 WF that things were not challenging enough and we would shift to Elite Hostiles. Well this Adventure Pack has me rethinking that. Elite Hostiles have lots of cover and take lots of hits. This mission added Fearless. Toss in the occasional Close Combat location and then queue the Fat Lady. 

As always, it was lots of fun. The Boars, Axemen, and Igor are fun and difficult opponents. 

We can’t speak to Dr Frankenstein. We are guessing he’s on his way to the South Pole or Jungles of Argentina. Regardless, we will see him and his body guards again, either in a PMC or Airborne mission some day.....

Appendix - Mission Team

Friday, July 31, 2020

Warfighter: Into the Frying Pan

Castle Frankenstein Mission 2
Sgt Charlie McD listened as the mission brief droned on. The documents he’d retrieved with the Maquis’ help had been decoded and translated. Jerry had been working on some strange crap in the Fortress. Something called the Thule Society were the main honchos behind Jerry’s activity.

Some tightly wound OSS Major was ordering us out on another raid. At least this time he’d have some Joes with him for support. Of course the resistance dame Rika wanted back in too. Her country I guess...

Charlie’s attention drifted to the new tin man suit he was getting for the mission. Supposedly even better than his last one. He hoped it burned less fuel! He feared being busted back to Private if he lost this one.

Charlie’s attention snapped back when he heard the Major yell “Move your ass! NOW!”

The Brass was not happy that we failed to clear out the Fortress, and ordered us back in to complete the job.

We made our way to the jump off point. No surprise to us, Jerry had funneled in reinforcements. Elite bastards too. Getting off the dime was a tough row.

Charlie tested out his new rocket launcher. A nice touch, but a tad underwhelming too. He’d hoped for a bigger blast zone than it packed.

Charlie and Rika used their prior experiences to hold of the enemy while the newbies began pushing deeper into the complex.

A stray round punched a hole in a drum above Pvt Scott. Whatever the hell was in there poured on Scott. Terror gripped the newcomers as the skin melted from his face. Fortunately death quickly claimed him (failed Chemical roll)(hmmm 1 health troopers may have been a poor choice).

Charlie used his braced MG to wear down the enemy. Progress is slow.

Charlie’s firepower was making him the target of choice. It was all that permitted the squad to make any progress. It’s cost was that Jerry had effectively cornered the main threat to the jump off point. 

He used his rockets to prevent harassing forces and an enemy machine guns from pressuring the clock.

Rika used her lone grenade on a rifle team. The forward element lacked sufficient firepower to make consistent progress towards the objective. This accelerated the clock countdown. 

A wrong turn saw Rika lead the team into a laboratory. Loaded with bad men. Very bad men. A savage burst hit Pvt G Orwell. 2 wounds and he went down. (Even a 3 wound Squad soldier couldn’t make it in Frankenstein’s Fortress)

With time against them, Rika began to fallback towards Firebase Charlie. Sapphire took a burst on her way out. She was able to lash out with 3 EKIAs before succumbing to her wounds. ( her Sacrifice  skill was the biggest contribution made during the mission).

With only one turn remaining, Charlie and Rika exited the mission. Major Fail.

Charlie and the Mech gobble up a ton of the available RPs. Trying to mix in some Maquis for flavor and shifting to all Elite Hostiles was too much. This team really had no chance at succeeding.

Next, the three of us will move onto a different Objective. Probably keep Rika on the team, but with a weapon having range 1 capabilities. We ran lite on cards to as most needed discards to support movement. On this mission, every turn a location wasn’t played advanced the turn marker. Add that to a lack of firepower and a stream of harassing forces occasionally costing a turn marker advance, and the hole we dug got deeper and deeper.

Since we enjoy connecting missions, we decide to save what we could. Being Rika and Charlie.

Next time we’ll look for maybe having 3 player Soldiers with some better gear. And helmets. And candy bars. And canteens. Did we mention grenades. Lots of grenades.

Enjoy your games fellow WarFighters!