Saturday, September 21, 2019

Z Day - Doug’s Backstory

Zombicide: Doug’s Backstory [Zombies!!!]

Before meeting up with you folks? Well, to be honest, I sort of 

welcomed the apocalypse. Not many people get to see the jerk 

that “downsized” you get munched! Yep. That was a fine day. 

I’d just left my old office for the last time and was standing out

on the street. Demoralized. Angry. Worried about the future.

Little did I know the next 30 minutes would clean my slate of


The sirens at both ends of town, fire station and police station,
began blaring at the same time. Hard to hear the screams over

It took me a few looks to buy into the zombie apocalypse. But
when a saw a few shamblers enter my ex-boss’s building, I had
to smile. I decided to make towards the Police Station on the
outskirts of town. 

Started to regret that choice as I passed the retail stores. Must
have been easy pickings for the zeds in those places.

It was tough going with only my pocketknife, but fortune favored
me when I was able to quietly loot some much needed upgrades
from the surplus store. The managers dog took a liking to me.
Guess his ex-master must have been a scary Zombie.

One block to go. My brand new semi was a great help in cutting
a path. Dog raced towards a specific zombie up ahead, ignoring
my shouts.

Dog didn’t stand a chance. Too many biters. Well, I cleared the
path to the Police Station.

Lucky choice on my part. Found two officers that had a barricade
set up while running comms to the few remaining officers trying
hard to Protect and Serve.

We hunkered down for two weeks. After the first three days, no calls
came in. The two officers told me to pick a cruiser, some reloads,
and wished me luck. They headed out hoping to find family before
heading into the country.

There are so many fun zombie games out there and playing out
The backstories of our main survivors in the Yacht Campaign has
let us get those to the table again. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Codename Valhalla - Warfighter WW2

Warfighter WW2 Europe : Codename Valhalla

Finally, unsere Leader has approved release of Wunderwaffe Z. 

The Laboratories of Valhalla have returned Sgt Mayer, Corporal Fischer,
and Privates Neumann and Koch to service.

The first action for Das Untote Korps will be to recover one of the 
Projekt Valhalla scientists from Canadian Commandos who parachuted
into our territory. The Scientist must be recovered or eliminated before
the Commandos reach their Nordsee extraction point near Cuxhaven.
As the mission begins, an equally lucky/unlucky draw indicates the
Canadians have established a mortar base at the objective.

Mayer and Fischer push the squad forward, encountering no initial enemies.
An enemy picket snipes at Sgt Mayer, but all the Untote are Fearless, and
press on. The Canadian is confused, as he swore several of his rounds hit or
only nearly missed the German leader. And their rigid gait seemed odd.

Well it’s on now. The Commandos are alerted to the Germans. A massive
firefight ensues. Sgt Mayer Halts the advance so the squad can clear out the
Commandos. The commandos struggle with trying to pin down these German
troops. They’ve never encountered such fearless troops. They did score direct
hits on Private Koch, but Sgt Mayer had some trick in his hand of cards to
protect his charges from such actualities. 

Mayer used grenades to force many of the Canadians to ground. This allowed
him and Koch, who was proving quite the marksman at close range, to press on.
Yet more Commandos kept arriving, desperately trying to stall our advance.
And it was working. Out of grenades, Mayer began to doubt that his first
assignment would end in success.

The squad became bogged down in a running firefight. These Commandos were
well trained. Fischer was pinned well behind the rest, and the Privates were not
able to generate enough fire support to clear out Canadians faster than they
reinforced. Why was the squad not issued one of Hitler’s buzzsaws? Being unafraid
of dying again was not enough to defeat a determined enemy. The Commandos
were confused by our resilience, but did not fear us.

Sgt Mayer leapt forward, determined to reach his objective. Two bounds later, he
was engaging the Canadians as rafts from a sub were heading towards shore.

Private Koch did his best to move forward and support his Sgt. Meanwhile,
Cpl Fischer finally was able to advance, but half the squad was too separated to
help complete the mission. Too many Commandos, too too many.....

Cpl Fischer had eliminated the Commandos who had been driving the timetable
forward at double speed. This gave some hope to their UpFront comrades.

Hope rose as Sgt Mayer recognized that being strung out was working to his
advantage. Commando reinforcements were appearing and moving towards
Cpl Fischer and Pvt Neumann. Missing that Koch and Mayer were in amongst
their own forces. Their fire not being distinguished from their own.

This allowed them to momentarily clear out the LZ, and smuggle the scientist
into the darkness and escape. Fischer and Neumann, totally looking the part,
laid down dead, until the Canadians evacuated the beach. Without their prize.

The first engagement with Das Untote was a qualified success. While being
Fearless was helpful, the team lacked enough firepower to maintain a good pace.
Time almost failed this mission. 

Great fun playing a mission with Zombie Soldiers. I need more practice with
them to understand Equipment and skill requirements to become a more effective
force. I may needed to merge in some Japanese undead in order to build a strong
team. Only having 8 Soldiers truly left me wishing for more. Maybe we’ll gen up
some of our own using the great support from the group posting resources on BGG.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Battle of Central High

The Battle of Central High
Zombicide - Wanda’s Backstory

Wanda and a couple friends were hanging out on the Quad, 
when their attention was drawn to shouting and screaming 
across the square. 

OMG ! Why is Principal Lemon hauling ass after that Goth Kid? 
Her Rich Kid friend paid her no attention, as he waved at the cheerleader.

Ahhh!! She just ripped his head off! My skateboard friend
yelled “let’s get out of here!” I grabbed a shocked looking weirdo 
and dragged her with us as we fled. Crap! Skater slammed directly
into a mass of ugly and was dragged down. I kept running, pulling
any norms with me as I ran towards my Mazda RX2.

We scooped up a cops shotgun laying near a pile of gore along with
a pipe. We used them to good effect as our group grew in size.

We yelled for the few remaining students in the yard to head for the
parking lot. We knew their chances were small as the crowd of biters
had grown massive.

None of them made it, and quickly rose to stagger towards us and the
parking lot

The five of us crammed into my RX2 Coupe. I raced off campus as fast
as my rotary engine could go. All my passengers asked to be driven to
their homes. I dropped them off as close to their destinations as I dared. 
I should have argued for the group to stay together, but we were too scared
and confused to think clearly.

Not all lessons taught are learned. But I learned a bunch about myself in
those 30 minutes. Lessons that still serve today......

After all of this time fighting and surviving together,
the group was still shocked to hear how it all started
for Wanda. “I’m happy to finally have shared my story.
So who is next”, asked Wanda

We really enjoy bringing our survivors to life. This
origin story was played out with Zombie High School. 

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rick and Carl’s Day Out

The Walking Dead - Rick and Carl’s Day Out

Although I was a Kickstarter All In backer we had not yet played. 
With Call to Arms releasing 7/2019, we decided to play the final
starter scenario. The group had enjoyed Here’s Negan and you can
read our play and review here

Rick is out teaching Carl to shoot near a mass of piled up vehicles 
along a junked up section of road. The practice had gone well but
the mass of walkers was growing unmanageable. Just when Rick
was about to gather a few supplies and head back to camp, Carl 
noticed several survivors approaching. The gunfire had drawn
Derek’s band to the area. Noticing lots of usable goods in the area
Derek ordered Sandra and Patrick to gather supplies. 

Derek notices Rick and warns him off from the area

Patrick moves toward some supplies

Rick shoots a nearby walker and draws lots of attention

Sandra is getting out numbered and in trouble

Carl searches the car and BOOM! He finds a booby trap

Sandra gets the car between her and the walkers

Rick sees his opening and moves toward a stash of supplies

Sandra swings in and gets the supplies securing victory for Derek’s side. 
Rick and Carl slide away to fight another day. 

We had a good time and look forward to building our own teams while
using the full rules set. We didn’t engage in any PvP which may have
been a mistake but the 3 to 2 odds seemed tough. Ammo is depleted
1/3 of time on a die roll so that was tough too. Building your own teams
would allow extra ammo cards and melee weapons. 

The system works well solo, cooperative, or competitive. I could even 
see it as an RPG narrative type campaign playing the key events out
with the skirmish game. The Mantic deluxe terrain pack was awesome too!
Thanks for swinging by our blog. We love any visits, comments, or follows. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Apocrypha - In Cold Blood

Apocrypha - In Cold Blood

Block and Vargas found themselves finally arriving at this small 

Wisconsin town. The Designer had sent them here to investigate 

some strange happenings. Block and Vargas had worked missions 

together on several occasions and we were now the current “Go To” 

team for such happenings in Wisconsin.

We agreed that our first priority was to ensure the town’s children 

were safe. So we headed to the School. Seeing signs encouraging 

blood donations at an elementary school were very disturbing. 

As we entered, we glimpsed coolers containing pints of donated 

blood. As well as too many pasty faced school kids. 

Looking down the hall, we saw the school nurse carrying a cooler to her 

VW Hippie Van. Vargas rushed out to confront the nurse. The situation 

turned hostile and Vargas was hard pressed to overcome the nurse’s rage. 

But she did. Looking inside the van we saw pamphlets labeled for the 

town’s homeless shelter.

We raced to the shelter, Block’s anger at what he had seen was building 

exponentially as we covered the two miles.

Block rushed in and spied the Shelter’s cook making blood pudding. 

Literally BLOOD PUDDING! Seeing Block racing towards him, the 

Cook pulled out some strange artifact and began chanting. Block 

leveled him with one punch. Damn Cultists. As we turned our two 

cultists over to the police we noticed that a Dr Lazarus had an office 

at the shelter.

We headed to the Hospital to look into Dr Lazarus. 

We were taken to his office and felt the strong commanding presence 

this Dr had. We tried to pin him down, and began to sense his involvement 

was key to what was happening in this town. In fact, the events began 

only three weeks after his arrival. We played our cards. And Dr Lazarus 

bolted! Hurling beakers of blood at us. Before Vargas could grab him, 

he was gone.

Block want to seal the hospital to prevent his return, but Vargas was 

too eager to finish this cult off. Now we’d have to retrace our steps 

to see if we could find where his ritual site was. We split up. 

Never a smart move.

But this time it payed off! Our time to clear this mission was quickly 

winding down. So it was fortuitous that Block found the Dr ten 

minutes after Vargas had lost him. Block was miffed over Vargas 

not following procedures to seal venues. He was miffed at the Dr 

escaping from his partner. And he was miffed over having had 

too much garlic in his spaghetti last night.

The whooping Dr Lazarus endured was enough to turn any crazed cult 

leader back from the dark side. That and a stay at the county lockup.....

Now too report back and get our next assignment.


Apocrypha is a fun co-op or solo game it has really good flavor 

and mechanics for improving your character as the campaign progresses. 

The rules are not well organized or written but you can definitely 

figure it out. We always try and stay in the spirit and when in doubt

keep having fun and don’t get bogged down. We will definitely get 

more pictures of key events next time 

We appreciate you reading our AAR and love any comments or 

follows. New posts, AARs, and reviews will be going up soon. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Negan Claims the Sanctuary

Here’s Negan Game Overview 

We played scenario one in Mantic's Here’s Negan from their 
The Walking Dead line. The games is perfect as a solo or
Cooperative game and the rules cover both. Each future Savior
Lieutenant has a unigue skill that makes each special and different. 
Negan runs himself and acts per his own set of cards and action. 
I’ll say keep Negan happy or you pay a price. 

The game contains a wealths of event cards and items to be found. 
We used less than a quarter of them in the first mission which
will add to variety and replay value. The game can be played 
episodically or as a campaign where damage and items carryover
to subsequent missions. The game also contains the character cards
for each lieutenant in case you would like to play them in the All Out
War skirmish game. 

The action is driven by the threat tracker which builds based on
events, noise, and survivor actions. The walkers have entry points
like Zombicide or Space Hulk. The walker blips added a cool
unknown feel to what was wandering the sanctuary. 

Mission One Photo AAR

We completed mission one with the loss of one lieutenant as a result of
Negan’s encouragement! We under appreciated the impact of noise
easy and thus spent lots of actions trying to keep the threat level from
hitting auto defeat. 

All in all Here’s Negan is a fun standalone game in a great universe. 

We will have more AARs and game reviews up soon. We great appreciate 
your visit and would love any comments and follows. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Jungle Patrol - Warfighter PTO

Warfighter PTO

Our copy of Warfighter PTO arrived and we decided to play
a learn your enemy game before we build our campaign 

Jungle Patrol

We selected the Jungle Patrol mission which gave us 62 RP
to build our Marine force. We selected 2 Player Soldier (PS)
and two squad soldiers. Our patrol had 6 grenades, 3 rifles,
and a BAR. 

Our team deploys for jump off

We advance into the Native Gardens and are struck hard by two
stout units. After hard fighting and tossing a few grenades we clear
the garden. We lack good terrain cards so spend a few turns hoping
for something good but in the end to have any hope of succeeding 
in our mission we advance onto the beach. 

The beach is a brutal fight and even expending all of our remaining 
grenades we are barely holding on. One of our Player Soldiers is
on the jump off point trying to deal with Ambushers. After several
turns of back and forth we have eliminated most of the beach forces
as well as the Ambushers. We did lose one of our Squad Soldiers

Time is running out so we decided to risk pressing onto the Native Village

From the frying pan into the fire. We are now strung out and in
trouble. We failed to take out the Kamikaze and in fact didn’t fear 
him enough. He ran in a took a Player Soldier out with him in the 
Native Garden. The others survived the turn a retires from the mission

We rolled and amazing both Player Soldiers we good to return to duty,
one Squad Soldier was KIA, and the last was a medical discharge 


The Japanese were a brutal foe and the terrain was unforgiving. 
We definitely accomplished learning more about what we want
in a force. Definitely load up on grenades and canteens. We should 
have game one of our campaign up soon. 

Warfighter is one of our favorite games and can be enjoyed solo
or cooperative. We greatly appreciate you reading our post and if 
so inclined we love comments and follows.