Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tiger Leader - Poland 1939

Tiger Leader - Opening Invasion 
Campaign: Poland 1939
Objective: For the Reich

Week 1: The invasion begins
Game 1

The opening battle sees a German mixed force colliding with the Polish 4th Armored Scout Force. 
The Polish forces responded aggressively, counterattacking to eject the Germans from their first 
captured village.

As the German Rifle Squad dug in to hold onto their gain, Sgt Schultz charged his armored car into 
the fight. The 231AC destroyed the 2 Polish squads.

 The Polish Armored forces surged forward, flanking the village. Sgt Dietrich drove his 
PzII out from the safety of the woods challenging the Polish advance. Seeing this, Sgt Schultz 
left the village in order to clear the Polish supporting infantry from the woods. Seeing this, 
the last Polish tank began blasting away at the forces left in the village. Cpl Steiner, a veteran
of the Spanish War, led his anti-tank squad out of the village to finish off the Polish armor.

The open field assault left Cpl Steiner shaken and out of the next battle. Not surprisingly, 
Cpl Saltz, who’s HMG team never fired a shot, worked his Political connections to gain 
promotion for having fought courageously (?).

Here are the participating units and their “kills” during the battle.

Tiger Leader

Campaign: Poland 1939

Objective: For the Reich 

Game 2

Week 1: A collision of Scouting Forces

The next battle sees a small German force aggressively assaulted by the Polish 12th Armored 

Scout Group. The Polish forces advanced rapidly (+3 Tac Rolls). Fortunately for the German 

units they had found good ground to accept the assault. 

Sgt Fischer’s PzIII quickly dispatched a rifle team. The fast moving Polish Forces were unable 

to register any hits. Fischer then went to work on his biggest threats, the Polish Tanks, as 

Sgt Müller advanced his PzI against Polish Riflemen.


An exchange of attrition began. The PzIII took an engine hit, severely rattling Sgt Fischer. 
At the same time, the Polish Tank, seeing his infantry support annihilated, fired and brewed 
up the PzI. Fortunately Müller was dragged from the wreckage, stunned but surviving the 
first day of the war! Cpl Stump led his team in taking out the Polish Armored Car in the 
village, earning himself an increase in grade.

Fischer put two fast rounds into the last Polish tank, bringing the encounter to a close.

Here are the participating units and their “kills” during the battle.

Game 3 Week 1: The last encounter

The Germans committed their final forces. Sgt Schmidt in a Pz38T and Cpl Eschbach’s 

mortar team. 

Exhibiting the worst of luck, the small German force emerged in the mists of a very strong 

Polish Command Recon Force. Outnumbered 10 units to 2.

The Pz38 was able to knock out the first Polish Tank encountered in the forest. Eschbach ineffectively 

lobbed several mortar rounds at the nearby enemy.

The return fire was devastating. Enemy mortar rounds devastated the German mortar team in one 

barrage. Schmidt advanced his tank out from under the hailstorm. Schmidt fought his lone tank 

brilliantly, destroying an Armored Car, Mortar team and another Polish Tank before an enemy 

mortar round pierced his tank’s upper deck, destroying it.

This would not be a glorious day....

Final Thoughts

As with all of DVG’s Leader games, Tiger Leader campaigns will be tough to win. 

This was a solo effort by one of our gaming Posse but these games work really well

as cooperative efforts too. Tiger Leader could easily serve as a scenario generator 

for miniatures games like Warlord’s Bolt Action or Two Hour Wargames NUTS! series. 

Thanks for swinging by and visiting our gaming blog. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Looking to 2018

Happy New Year!

Instead of looking back at a fairly good gaming year in 2017 despite my poor blogging 
in the last four months let’s look ahead to 2018. 


I hear stirrings of both a LW 4th edition and a Team Yankee league forming very soon.
I hear there will be one game a month instead of two. I hope that is true as that works
better for my ability to play. Here is to hoping my Stukas and Cobras sting the
enemy soon. We are really excited by the release of Tripods and Triplanes coming
later in 2018. 

Board Games

The final Yacht Campaign Mission should happen early in the year and then we
are eager to return to Black Plague. I have also plunged back into Star Wars Imperial 
Assault and X-Wing. Our gaming group plans to get Conan, Ghostbusters, Space Patrol,
and Shadows of Brimstone to the table. Games Workshop looks to be well back in the
mix too. Necromunda, Shadespire, Gorechosen, and Execution Force are definitely in
the queue. 


Playing wargames has us all very excited. We neglected this part of our hobby a bit too
much in 2017. Our list is huge but the top few needing play early in 2018 are Warfighter,
B17 Leader, Nam 65, Combat Commander, Brezhnev’s War, Tricorne, and OST. Sincerely,
the list here is so full of goodness that I need to win the lottery to get caught up. I have 
also stockpiled many solitaire wargames and intend to play one a month and post the 

Card Games

Getting all of our Magic duel decks played is always a goal. We look forward to the Realms 
offering and especially look to bear the HeroRealms quest. Down in Flames and
Modern Naval Battles look to see more table time too as they offer a quick and satisfying 
wargame like fix quickly with little setup. 

Sports Games

(Edit) As Bilbo pointed out in the comments, we are going to get a favorites from years
past back on the table. We have slated a Strat-o-Matic Baseball series, Slap Shot Hockey,
and maybe a few others like SOM Hockey and Sports Illustrated Football! 

Closing 2017

I hope everyone had a great 2017 and all of your 2018 gaming is fun and plentiful!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Zombicide: Olympus is Burning!

Zombicide The Yacht Mission 3

Doug: "You're right Phil, there is no doubt the smoke is coming from Olympus"
Wanda: "We gotta move quick they could still be holding on"
Phil: "Let's move! The only thing the smoke means is they triggered the explosives
           in order to block some access points"

No one spoke up but everyone was thinking that we hope that's all it means. The
team moved quickly but carefully as the experienced survivors they had become. 

Ned said every good base needs a name. We decided if Olympus was good enough
for the White House is was good enough for us. As we approached Olympus, we
could see the charges had amazingly worked as planned. The two roads we blocked
and hopefully that would keep the zombies from forming a horde. It should also 
only leave one way into and out of the area we had secured.  

Phil, Wanda, and Amy breech the door hoping to find our team safe and sound. 

The building is full of zombies and the team floods in to meet the challenge

The team breaks out to looks for survivors but a pack of dogz blocks the way

Josh hold the doorway in hopes of keeping the zombies thinned out while the rest 
of the team presses on

Josh rejoins the others as there are too many bad guys to hold back

Amy and Josh move into the second building and still no survivors 

A steady stream of dogz and runners keep Amy, Josh, and Wanda tied up. 
Wait! Is that a voice behind the next door?

Doug, Phil, and Ned keep the path out open although the number of zombies is 

Any and Josh quickly complete the barricade so that they can keep searching without
harassment by swarms of zombies. 

Yippee ki yay! It's Nick but he is hurt and we will need to carry him out

Josh drags Nick out and Whoa it is a huge abomination and some dogz

Josh: "I've been saving this for you ugly so say bye bye!"
Josh throws the Molotov he has been carrying

Ned mans the barricade while Wanda continues the search

While rummaging for more Molotov fixings, Josh finds George but zombified. 
Josh does what has to be done for his old running buddy. They had been friends 
before the Zombicide started

The barricade creaks as the zombie masses press into it

Wanda finds Ross and Doug begins to clear the escape route. Every single room has
been searched and only three of the ten members hold Olympus have been accounted 
for so far

The team unleashes fire and fury into the mass of dogz and zombies blocking their 

A true horde is crushing into the barricade

The added power of the fatties smash through the barricade 

The dogz and runners are hot on the teams trail

The team exits just in time. The search and rescue attempt went smoothly with the
team working together like the seasoned survivors they have become. Everyone hopes
some of the team escaped and are not in fact now part of the zombie hordes. 

Phil: "We have no choice but to hope the yacht can get us to safer ground"
Amy: "I know it is fueled and we have the keys"
Doug: "Wanda you're with me. We've got rear guard"
Josh: "I saw a place we can hold up and get Ross and Nick in better shape about an hour back"

Mission 3 went really well. Our spawn draws were lucky at the right times. I will do a whole 
post on some home rules we use to add random turn order and zombies destroying barricades. 
They both work well and add lots of uncertainty and excitement. Our next and last mission
of the Yacht Campaign is up next. We are excited to see if we can get all eight survivors on
the Yacht and see where that will take us. 

Thanks for reading our reports and please leave a comment and consider giving us a follow. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Zombicide: Save the Girl! Get the Keys!

Zombicide The Yacht Mission 2

Read Episode 1

We rested up after the all-out battle on the docks and gave Amy food and water to build her strength. Even with rest and food she was still not feeling much better. She finally confessed to Wanda that she had a condition and needed her medicine soon or she would get worse. Luckily right before the area around the docks was overrun her dad had found a pharmacy and stashed a huge supply in the duplex by the boathouse. Amy said her dad had also hidden the yacht keys in the boathouse.

Phil gathered the team after his chat with Wanda and shared his thoughts. “Ok the way I see it, the yacht is our best chance to get out of our current deteriorating base situation. Amy was a help fighting our way off the yacht and I think she will be a good add to our group for one and getting the key lets us gain a mobile base easily isolated from shore”.  Doug was concerned about the added time away from base but agreed with the plan. The die is cast then and we hit the duplex and boathouse at first light.

Meanwhile, Ned was carefully traveling through the night to bring an important message to the yacht rescue team.

The team advances on the duplex and are very pleased when they see few enemies. 

Ned arrives with his urgent message but doesn't see the team. 

Ned is alone, opposite of the team, and zombie dogz are prowling

Ned and team break toward the front of the building with dogz hot on Ned's tail. Ned runs into a barricade and the team sees the front door is also barricaded. 

Phil, Wanda, and Josh breakdown the barricade just in time. 

The group searches for ammo and equipment while holding off the wandering dead. Doug call for go time into the building. We are spooked by the low quantity of dead. 

Wanda makes short work of the door and is greeted by a fatty. 

Wanda and Doug lure the Fatty and Z Dog to their doom! The team is working like a well oiled machine. Amy is doing well but is starting to look ill again. 

Half the house is clear but still no meds and no pass code for the boathouse. 

Amy has her meds and the pass code book is in sight. Phil has moved down to hold the path to the exit. The number of zombies is growing. 

Phil, Doug, and Josh go back to back to back to keep the house exit and path to the boathouse clear. 

Phil and Ned buy time while Doug recovers the yacht keys. Wanda and Amy have clear a back exit through the house flanking the zombie hordes. 

The group flees successful in their mission with a hail of destruction laid upon the horde of zombies. As the team catches thier breath, Ned informs them that an unusually large buildup is occurring around the hideout and ammo is getting low. The team looks in the direction of home and sees ominous smoke rising in that direction. "Damn it! Let's go and go now", exclaimed Phil. 


The game was fun as usual. We were shocked at how the spawn draws and searches went in our favor. The campaign has been very satisfying with the connected storyline. The next mission looks be tough and the question remains...do we dare to dream of making the yacht ours. Mission three is coming soon. We appreciate you visiting our blog and would love a follow. 

PS - We got the dogz painted as promised!