Friday, June 16, 2017

German FJ Company versus Soviet Light Tank Company

Soviet Union Winter 1941
The German drive into Russia had slowed with the onset of a harsh winter.
Soviet forces had also begun localized counterattacks as the Germans 
supply lines stretch to the breaking point. 

The German FJs were suppressed to see the Soviet infantry and tanks 
appearing in force to their front. Only half of their force was in place. 
The envelopment was developing rapidly but the entire field is muddy
forcing the Soviet tanks to stay on the roads. 



Only the 10.5 mortars and one FJ platoon with attached HMGs were
in place. 


The Luftwaffe swoops to to help stop the T26's


The mighty KV bogs trying to hurry down the road towards the exposed


PaK 36s ambush the T26s on the right flank


The Soviet infantry quits the field after sustain fire from infantry and
HMGs but the Soviet tanks are still baring down on all roads.


The Pak 36s on the right are destroyed and the ones on the left are about 
to eat lots lead and are about to be destroyed. The KV is back on the


The Luftwaffe braves heavy AA and destroys the KV


Soviet tanks including flame tanks engage the last reinforcement platoon. 
The FJs assault the tanks and drive them back but only bag one tank. The
FJs fall on the next turn and the Soviets own the day. 

The game was a really fun 4-3 victory for the Soviets. It was fun as both
sides were dishing out destruction. In the end, my Crete list FJs didn't 
have enough AT assets to carry the day. I had several air attacks chased 
off by AA so had the struck home it might have gone 4-3 the other way. 
Many thanks to Kevin for a game played in the right spirit and we both
had fun. Early War tends to always be fun in my book. 

We were playing v3 but since I really enjoy Team Yankee I'm looking
forward to v4 escalation event coming soon. Thanks for visiting and please 
consider following LZBravo.