Saturday, April 15, 2017

Execution Force

Assassinorum Execution Force


The forces of Chaos are very close to completing a ritual that will be devastating for the forces of the Imperium. 
The only option is to insert four of the Emperor's finest assassins to kill the sorcerer before the ritual is completed. 

The Target


The Mission

The Assassins must infiltrate the base and quickly find the control room and teleportation room. 
Once the teleportation device is activated from the control room the assassins can be teleported into the
Sanctuary. In the Sanctuary, the assassins can defeat the sorcerer. 

The Assassins


The clock is ticking so once inserted the team wastes no time in scouring for the control and teleporter rooms. 
The resistance appears light and the team is confident of success. 


The patrols are becoming more active but it is still manageable for the team 


Warning alarms sound and the base is covered with cultists and chaos marines. 
The team has still not found any of the objectives and every is fully engaged. 


After spending precious time wading through the defender, both the control and teleportation 
rooms are discovered in rapid succession. 


The team decided to overwelm the last cultist between us a the teleporters. As two of the team approach, 
the impossible happens and with one swing of his spiked club we have lost one of our own. 


One of our team decides to rush through the teleporter in order to take the pressure off 
of the rest of the team. 


Quickly a second member is through but the forces of chaos are legion around the sanctuary. 

We move to flank the chaos sorcerer but the chaos marine's aim is true and the second assassin 
is down. 


I will put eyes on the demon before we all fall!


Despite the teams valor we have failed the Emperor 

The final view



We really enjoyed the game and love the self contained game in the 40k universe. Assassinorum is a cooperative 
game for one to four players all playing assassins.  The game has lots of flavor and replay value. The room and 
event cards will make each play different. The rules offer several variation on ways to play and gain achievements. 

The team made several tactical mistakes in our first play of the game. The first error was we fanned out and 
created a map full of chaos hunting us while at the same time limiting our support of each other. The second 
mistake was going through the teleporter piecemeal which allowed the chaos forces to get too strong around 
the sorcerer. 

Since we have enjoyed both Gorechosen and Assassinorum, we will try and play Lost Patrol very soon. 

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate everyone's comments, follows, and reading the AAR.