Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our War Against the Plague

Zombicide Black Plague

Our war against the Plague
January 23, 1152 AD
We weren't sure what was amiss when the Baron of Einstadtmarched off with his army to battle some distant foe beyond the Mosel. But when no word came of a glorious victory, and none of the army returned after many weeks, we began to wonder what was afoot.
Then, on February 21st, our fears became real. Rumors of a  horrible host wiping entire villages off the map had been heard. But today, a bloodied blacksmith from Einstadt staggered into our village. He spoke of legions of walking corpses led by ghastly cloaked priests ravaging Einstadt. Ripping the living to pieces, sparing none. 
We quickly realized that swift action was needed if our village was to be saved. Six of our most hardy folk volunteered to hasten to Einstadt. Clovis, Silas, Nelly, Ann, Baldric, and Samson geared up and immediately set off.

February 22, 1152 AD

Our Champions reached Einstadt. In order to cover as much ground as possible, they split into two groups.
Two things became immediately apparent. Gaining entry to buildings were survivors or better weapons might be, would be very difficult as the oak doors seemed ever more stout than our tools. And secondly, corpses were indeed roaming the streets unchallenged.

Upon gaining entry to the nearest guard shack, Clovis was confronted by a fatty oaf of a walking dead sergeant of the guard. Clovis' short sword was no match for this demon. 

But fortunately Samson was able to fell the creature with a mighty blow from his hammer.
The plan to split up and search the town unraveled quickly. The swarms of walking dead made passage down the streets dangerous. And many of the dead were massive, and could only be smashed by the might of Samson and his hammer. Many of the group were taking minor wounds as they fought to gain ground.

Silas, while a skilled bowman and slayer of many walking dead, was taken by surprise as he searched a strange alchemist's room.A foul priest struck him down from behind.
Things looked very bleak at that time. A tremendous Abomination had been roaming the street, driving us like cattle towards our doom. We knew that even Samson, slayer of fatties, could not withstand that terror. Better weapons would be needed. Our frantic searches of the armories must grant us a prize soon, our the party was doomed.
Secret vaults were found and searched. They yielded great weapons, but not mighty enough to fell the Abomination. 

Then, finally luck came to Clovis and Nelly as they searched the last gate room. A vial of dragon bile was discovered. All that remained was to lure that abomination into a trap. 
As the swarms grew in number, the lumbering abomination finally stepped into the trap. With a touch of flame, the dragon bile erupted in flame and devoured the creature.
We were saved. We fought our way out of the village and headed home with hard earned knowledge about the foe we faced. We knew we had not ended the plague, having only bought time for us to prepare for the next encounter. In addition to that horrible Abomination and many a Fatty, several of the foul priests had also fallen to our swords. The Plague masters would require time to regain their strength. As would we.