Saturday, October 3, 2015

Flames of War in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Flames of War gamers in the DFW area are very fortunate indeed. The area currently has a LW league with 26 players, an EW league with 14 players, and 8 more are committed to the Firestorm Caen campaign starting in November. We also have monthly Vietnam and Fate of a Nation multiplayer games.

I'm enjoying my Finnish forces in the EW league. I'll post an AAR of next game but until then here are some beauties I bought from CGR and Russ Levy. Their stuff is always top notch.

I am very excited about my new 101st Airborne and LW British Paras as well. My next post will focus on my Firestorm Caen list and games.

Enjoy the hobby and hopefully your dice are hot.