Saturday, March 19, 2016

L'Art De La Guerre Rome vs Gaul

Over the last 25 years we have played the all WRG, DBM, Armati, Warrior, Might of Arms, FOG, and many more. Since most FOG players have switched to L'Art De La Guerre (ADLG), we decided that our group should give it a shot. How better to try out ancients rules than with a classic Rome versus Gauls match up. Many systems such as FOG failed at this great match up. We decided to use 200 point armies as that seems pretty standard from USA tournaments and events. We did not setup a pretty board for our Playtest but at the last second I decided to take a few pictures and capture our thoughts.

The Roman general in the center surveys the Gauls in front of his veteran legions.

The lines clash. We enjoyed the speed of movement as it gave a very dynamic exciting flow.

Medium cavalry lock horns on the right flank.

Roman heavy cavalry and lights desperately try to hold the left while the legions do the butchers work in the center.

The Gauls are breaking through!

Just as both Roman wings fail the Gauls lose their leader and several units in the center and the Gauls have had enough.

The final score was Rome losing 7/20 and the Gauls 30/26. The game was much closer and could easily have gone either way. Both of us agreed ALDG passed the test and will be played again. The way combat, command, movement, and morale were handled had the best of many of the other systems. We will definitely be playing again and we might work up a post comparing the systems.

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