Friday, May 5, 2017

Zombicide: The Yacht Campaign

Zombicide: The Yacht Campaign

Mission 1 – Find the Yacht and Rescue the Girl

Josh picked up a girl on the shortwave radio he had repaired several weeks ago. 

The girl said her name was Diane and she was hiding in a secure room on a yacht 

docked at the local marina. She is apparently sick but says if we can bring her 

some medical supplies she can help us. The docks are crawling with packs of 

zombie dogs and in fact almost cost the group two members last time we tried

 to scout the area for supplies.

After some discussion the team decide that since they were getting desperate to 

find a way out of the area maybe this yacht held promise and yeah we still see 

ourselves as the good guys albeit as Doug says Chaotic Good at best. The plan 

is for Doug, Phil, Josh, and Wanda to try and do in quietly grab some medical 

supplies, get the girl, and get back to our safe spot. If that all come together, we 

can see how the girl can help us improve her prospects.


The team approaches the docks near the yacht.


Looking for supplies, the team is attacked by zombie dogs. 

They are quick, hard to hit, and dangerous.


Phil and Josh search for supplies and run into dogs and fatties!

Phil and Josh barely escape with only light wounds while dispatching the zeds.


Wanda and Doug work the other direction looking for the needed medical supplies.


The team has done well. We are armed up and have the medical supplies in hand. 

It is time to take the yacht and find the girl.


There are so many zombies and Z dogs! They keep coming in waves. 

There are too many for the quiet approach. 


Josh and Doug hold the gang plank while Phil and Wanda look for the girl.


Barely holding onto our only egress!


We found her exactly where she said she would be hiding.

Let’s get out of here! The team fights its way off the yacht and heads for the 

exit from the docks.


Surprisingly and narrowly we escape through the fence surrounding the docks. 



We make it back to our hideout but the girl still seems a little sick, Thre are no 

signs of wounds so we are hoping rest, food, and care will get her well. The 

yacht was great and we feel we could clear it and make it a safe haven. Should 

we dare to dream that we could get it running

Zombicide is consistently a really fun and tense game. We look forward to the 

twists and turns of this campaign. You can find the campaign linked below.

Zombicide The Yacht