Sunday, August 20, 2017

Zombicide: Olympus is Burning!

Zombicide The Yacht Mission 3

Doug: "You're right Phil, there is no doubt the smoke is coming from Olympus"
Wanda: "We gotta move quick they could still be holding on"
Phil: "Let's move! The only thing the smoke means is they triggered the explosives
           in order to block some access points"

No one spoke up but everyone was thinking that we hope that's all it means. The
team moved quickly but carefully as the experienced survivors they had become. 

Ned said every good base needs a name. We decided if Olympus was good enough
for the White House is was good enough for us. As we approached Olympus, we
could see the charges had amazingly worked as planned. The two roads we blocked
and hopefully that would keep the zombies from forming a horde. It should also 
only leave one way into and out of the area we had secured.  

Phil, Wanda, and Amy breech the door hoping to find our team safe and sound. 

The building is full of zombies and the team floods in to meet the challenge

The team breaks out to looks for survivors but a pack of dogz blocks the way

Josh hold the doorway in hopes of keeping the zombies thinned out while the rest 
of the team presses on

Josh rejoins the others as there are too many bad guys to hold back

Amy and Josh move into the second building and still no survivors 

A steady stream of dogz and runners keep Amy, Josh, and Wanda tied up. 
Wait! Is that a voice behind the next door?

Doug, Phil, and Ned keep the path out open although the number of zombies is 

Any and Josh quickly complete the barricade so that they can keep searching without
harassment by swarms of zombies. 

Yippee ki yay! It's Nick but he is hurt and we will need to carry him out

Josh drags Nick out and Whoa it is a huge abomination and some dogz

Josh: "I've been saving this for you ugly so say bye bye!"
Josh throws the Molotov he has been carrying

Ned mans the barricade while Wanda continues the search

While rummaging for more Molotov fixings, Josh finds George but zombified. 
Josh does what has to be done for his old running buddy. They had been friends 
before the Zombicide started

The barricade creaks as the zombie masses press into it

Wanda finds Ross and Doug begins to clear the escape route. Every single room has
been searched and only three of the ten members hold Olympus have been accounted 
for so far

The team unleashes fire and fury into the mass of dogz and zombies blocking their 

A true horde is crushing into the barricade

The added power of the fatties smash through the barricade 

The dogz and runners are hot on the teams trail

The team exits just in time. The search and rescue attempt went smoothly with the
team working together like the seasoned survivors they have become. Everyone hopes
some of the team escaped and are not in fact now part of the zombie hordes. 

Phil: "We have no choice but to hope the yacht can get us to safer ground"
Amy: "I know it is fueled and we have the keys"
Doug: "Wanda you're with me. We've got rear guard"
Josh: "I saw a place we can hold up and get Ross and Nick in better shape about an hour back"

Mission 3 went really well. Our spawn draws were lucky at the right times. I will do a whole 
post on some home rules we use to add random turn order and zombies destroying barricades. 
They both work well and add lots of uncertainty and excitement. Our next and last mission
of the Yacht Campaign is up next. We are excited to see if we can get all eight survivors on
the Yacht and see where that will take us. 

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