Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rick and Carl’s Day Out

The Walking Dead - Rick and Carl’s Day Out

Although I was a Kickstarter All In backer we had not yet played. 
With Call to Arms releasing 7/2019, we decided to play the final
starter scenario. The group had enjoyed Here’s Negan and you can
read our play and review here

Rick is out teaching Carl to shoot near a mass of piled up vehicles 
along a junked up section of road. The practice had gone well but
the mass of walkers was growing unmanageable. Just when Rick
was about to gather a few supplies and head back to camp, Carl 
noticed several survivors approaching. The gunfire had drawn
Derek’s band to the area. Noticing lots of usable goods in the area
Derek ordered Sandra and Patrick to gather supplies. 

Derek notices Rick and warns him off from the area

Patrick moves toward some supplies

Rick shoots a nearby walker and draws lots of attention

Sandra is getting out numbered and in trouble

Carl searches the car and BOOM! He finds a booby trap

Sandra gets the car between her and the walkers

Rick sees his opening and moves toward a stash of supplies

Sandra swings in and gets the supplies securing victory for Derek’s side. 
Rick and Carl slide away to fight another day. 

We had a good time and look forward to building our own teams while
using the full rules set. We didn’t engage in any PvP which may have
been a mistake but the 3 to 2 odds seemed tough. Ammo is depleted
1/3 of time on a die roll so that was tough too. Building your own teams
would allow extra ammo cards and melee weapons. 

The system works well solo, cooperative, or competitive. I could even 
see it as an RPG narrative type campaign playing the key events out
with the skirmish game. The Mantic deluxe terrain pack was awesome too!
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