Thursday, November 14, 2019

Warfighter PMC: First Contract

Business News Report
The small group of investors who have backed the Jackson & Lee Partnership startup seemed satisfied with the company’s first progress meeting. Held at the firm’s compound in the High Desert, investors were pleased to hear the company turned a small profit in the first month. 

The initial contract was so small, Jackson & Lee was the only bidder. Apparently securing the streets in some backwater town in the Atlas Mountains for some wannabe is not all that macho. Lee had some “connections “ with access to the black market. Our small company managed to acquire 8 grenades but not much else. 

After landing in Country, somehow, One of Our Own managed to get himself pinched after getting lost in one of the towns four streets. Employee 8, Anderson, was being held in an effort to gain influence over our team. Well, it took about two ticks for Mr Jackson to green light our action plan.

Stalin, Matrix, Gato, and Brian suited up for a basic raid mission. The Squad’s first live action together actually went well. Gato and Stalin ran the team. Gato providing cover fire as Stalin and Matrix acted as the main maneuver team. 

The rescue and return trip to the compound went well with only a couple scares. Inbound, an RPG team forced the team to Evade from the planned route. And a Light Machine Gun Team put a round in Stalin’s calf. Fortunately Gato was able to patch him up in short order.

During the second week, Stalin and Anderson went on an intel mission and got cornered in a Dead End Street. We learned a valuable lesson that day. Two man teams are not strong enough to survive in the wild. Racing as fast as possible, the men were half way home when a Roof Top Stalker nailed Anderson. Stalin was able to out maneuver the hostiles long enough to reach safety. Anderson, we hardly knew thee.

Week 3 was a quiet one. No activity. Which left us with a sense of foreboding. What were the hostiles planning?

Then the balloon went up. Angry Mobs had surrounded our “package”. The entire team suited up. Seven against dozens of militants. The Magnificent Seven headed out. Another learning curve for the team. We generated so much firepower this became a cake walk mission. We delivered the package to his out of town ride and caught our flight back to the World. Contract Completed!

Gato got himself promoted. Lucky bastard.

Warfighter PMC is fun. The four week contract took a tad longer as we worked through the rules. Establishing the company was a fun exercise. We’ll see how the bookkeeping effort goes. 


  1. I know Warfighter as a card game which doesn't use miniature terrain. Are you using the card based terrain and just placing the minis on something visually appealing or does this campaign version change the system.

    Is this campaign your own addition or some expansion in the works for the game. I have only played it a couple times at my not so local gaming club. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      Warfighter PMC was released a few months ago as a stand alone but you can you stuff from the other games as they are fully compatible.

      Within PMC you run your company making and losing money on contracts. You use your soldiers who you’ve hired to play our the missions generated by the contract.

      Feel free to send any other questions.

    2. OK that explains things. I have played it and the time on of our guys, who is an EMS, picked a medic with full (and proper) gear, we lived. Every other time.....

      Thank you for your answer and the one below as they told me what I was thinking, the same as Scarletto.

    3. It definitely tough to survive many times. Thanks again for swinging by and commenting.

  2. Call me thick, but the pictures are just for show, and the game was played as normal with cards ?

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment and question. Yes, we play the game fully card based using Warfighter PMC. We set up terrain and minis to represent the cards drawn.