Sunday, March 12, 2017

Scots-Irish Army

Saint Patricks day is nearly upon us so I thought there was no better time to debut my newest DBA, HOTT, and Rally Round the King army. 


The DBA 2.2 list includes 
3 Light Chariots
7 AX
2 Ps


The HOTT Army includes
1 Hero General
1 Magician 
3 Riders
5 Warbands


The fearless general


The mage


The base camp with a Druid performing a ceremony to ensure victory

Rally Round the King
I really love playing DBA and HOTT so for all of you that do too please take a look at Two Hour Wargames Rally Round the King (RRtK).
RRtK uses the Two Hour Wargames reaction system which allows easy and satisfying solo games. RRtK has both fantasy and historic list plus it has a solid campaign system. I have even used RRtK with my home brew AWI conversions. One of my current efforts is to create lists to use RRtK for ECW. 
The biggest challenge is the combined pike and shot units standard in that era.