Saturday, March 25, 2017

Team Yankee - USA versus Czechs AAR

The Soviets have moved their frontline units in a thrust to the south. A Czech force appears to be ready to withdraw from the town they now occupy. 
The US force is moving quickly and hopes with a little nudge the Czechs will quit the town. 


We are playing a 70 point fighting withdrawal with the Czechs defending. 

The Game
The US advances around the wooded hill to engage the BMPs and T55s on the left while two Cobras watch the right. M109s bring fire on the road junction to break up the rear of the Czech forces. 



The Abrams destroy several BMPs and their comrades decide to quit the field. 


The US prepares for the second stage of the attack

T72s and Helocopters appear on the left. 


Czech Artillery, tank, and ATGM fire is taking a toll on the US but hopefully the Airforce support will arrive and thin the hoard. 


The A-10s sweep through the Czech reserves. Heavy AA fire keeps their run from doing any real damage but they both survive!


The US AA moves to engage the Czech helicopters and destroys the both a turn later after surviving a volley of fire from the Czech infantry. 
The Czech have shot down the Cobras, destroyed the AA, and knocked out my other TOW support. The US withdraws and for today the Czechs still control the McDonalds!

This was my first game of Team Yankee and I really had fun. I appreciate Ken setting up a great table and offer a fun great spirited game as always. 
He used the East German lists but his vehicles look great with Czech decals and all. I used what I owned but I learned a ton in my first game about how to better build my force and not to mention never play at 70 points! I knew this was going to be a tough day as we ramfomed a defensive mission and I ended as the attacker. I used my Cobras and A10s poorly even with Ken's coaching. I very much look forward to my next game and yes I noticed that I lacked pictures of my stuff blown up.