Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hell’s Beach June 6, 1944

June 6, 1944 - Day of Destiny 

Elements of the Big Red One have hit the beach. 

The Germans have remanned their defenses and opened up on the Americans. Machine gun 
fire from the Bunker and farm exacted a heavy toll.

The Americans make a push off the beaches. German machine guns and mortar rounds
all around the attackers. The villages and farms are strongly garrisoned. The heavy volume of 
American fire is largely ineffective.

The American Platoon Leaders finally remember what they read in the field manual about Assaults.
With renewed vigor, the American troops quickly destroy the Tiger tank that was holding the village 
of Harlet, even as two other platoons swarm through Basile sur Mer, clobbering the German 
defenders. The Breakout is on now. 

Two P47 thunderbolts began plastering the Germans waiting inland. Unfortunately, as was the 
case with the 5 incher Support from off shore Destroyers, their bombing runs miss the mark.

Failure to make use of Close Assaults early in the battle has cost the Americans too much time 
and material. The order goes out to hold in place and await reinforcements.

The Germans have gained an expensive tactical victory. Their respite will not last long. 
Uncle Sam has a long arm and packs a mean punch.....

This was a replay of Hell’s Beach from Columbia Games Combat Infantry.

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