Saturday, March 3, 2018

Get to the Yacht!

Get to the Yacht! The conclusion of the Yacht Campaign 

The Road So Far

It has been a hard week since the return to the 

hideout for the group of hardened survivors. 

Both of the teammates rescued had succumbed 

to their wounds but at the least they had been 

among friends and not zombie bait. Phil and Doug

have decided the best path is still to make a last ditch 

assault on the docks in hopes of gathering enough 

supplies and taking the yacht to sea. There are lots 

of islands and raiding opportunities up and down 

the coast. Modern day Zombie Apocalypse Vikings, 

now that is a great team objective!

The team enters the dock area and surveys road ahead

Music can be heard in the distance

The area has suffered lots of damage since our last run

A zombie surprises Ned while looking for food

Amy has the same luck!

Doug dispatches a fattie

Phil breaks the barricade into the house separating the 

Team from the dock

Phil discovers Otis. He survived the last group that

Attacked the docks. It did not go well. The music playing 

is from a police car used to draw the zombies away.

It worked too well and the group was over run!


Josh and Amy hold the intersection while Doug

gathers a last few supplies

Zombies are still swarming to the police car

The team makes its move. Wanda checks the car partially

hanging over the water and finds a good weapon.

The group makes the yacht and the main deck appears 

sparsely populated.

More zombies appear

Otis is surprised and wounded!

Josh, Phil, and Doug hold the plank even as dogz 

charge and zombies crawl out of the water.

The lower deck is overrun with zombies!

No one is watching the backdoor!


The team rushes down stairs with a flurry

of destruction

Wanda, Amy, Doug, and Ned look to secure the plank

Hearing the onslaught approaching they move to meet

them head on. While Ned, Phil, and Josh move to ascend

to the upper level in order to get the yacht started.


Abomination! Luckily Josh had a Molotov prepped for 

just this occasion.

The yacht is secure!

Phil, Amy, and Doug get back on board and start 

destroying the plank.

We made it the boat is actually moving away

from the dock.



Five of the survivors suffered wound during this mission.

We decided each member who suffered a wound would

make a survival check. Roll a d6 for each wound and 

on a 5 or 6 the player was a goner. Amazingly, everyone

survived with no fudging! 





WOW! This was an amazing fan made campaign

that we really enjoyed. In the conclusion of the 

Mission 1 post you can find the details of where

to find the material. We look forward to using the

yacht as a base and seeing where the campaign

takes us next! Zombicide never disappoints. We were

really lucky on searches and found the required food, water,

and rice quickly. Early on, we also came up with the bottle

and gas needed for the Molotov. We suffered more wounds

this mission than any other in the campaign. Thanks to Otis

for taking his share!


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