Saturday, May 5, 2018

Team Yankee Soviets versus Marines

Team Yankee Soviets vs Marines

We played a demo game at one of our area stores that supports 
Team Yankee. Our goal is to get new players involved and lay
groundwork for an upcoming league. 

Our list focused on tanks and air as they are attention grabbers. 
The game occurred about six weeks back but I still wanted to get
our pictures posted. 

A combined force of US Marines and Army square off against the 
Soviet horde. 

Cobras ready to hit the Soviets

M60s engage the right flank

Soviets ready to defend the autobahn overpass or strike across it

The forces parry across the autobahn 

Harriers meet their end in an ill fated and poorly timed run at the BMPs

All of the USA scattered reserved entered on the right early and the left
the Abrams holding the left as a ripe target for the Hinds

The Hinds strike hard while the Soviet Infantry advances

The Cobras destroy the Hind threat and desperately try and hold the objective 
with one VADS and the commander M60

A desperate counterattack in the middle to save the objective on the left

Lots of burning wrecks on both sides

A last second dash toward the objective on the right into the teeth of 
the defenses meets with destruction 


The game ended in a solid Soviet victory. Yet another fast food joint falls
during the invasion of Germany. We had a great demo game with both of
us having fun and a few folks watching here and there. I appreciate games 
with Ken who plays the right way. I have enjoyed every FoW and Team
Yankee game we’ve played. We appreciate the visits, comments, and follows