Tuesday, September 11, 2018

All Good Things....

“Hey Phil! Ned says it’s no go on repairing the engine again.”

“I guess 3 isn’t a charm. Damn this overpriced yacht. She’s been great up until now.”

“Lets rig some kind of sail and see if we can make the coast near San Francisco. 

Maybe we can hop another ride there. Have Josh and Phil rig up some sails. 

Doug, find stuff we can use for rope and cables.”

We were running low on food stuffs anyway. Hopefully we can make it to the coast 

before the water runs out. No engine. No water purification.

After 4 days, we sight the golden gate. Amy and Wanda snap a few selfies!?

“Otis, did you say you did contract maintenance for tours to the Rock when you 

got out of the service?”

“Roger that. But it was a lifetime, 2 office jobs, and 50+ zeds ago.”

“Did they keep any gear for patching the tour boats should they have problems 

while docked on the Rock?”

“Yep. But pretty limited. Major stuff was brought over by the next tour boat. 

Still, I see where you’re headed. Could work.”

“If we’re lucky, no tours were stranded on the Rock, and it’ll be deserted.”

So it was decided. We make for Alcatraz.......

The Road so far

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

We are excited to continue our epic campaign. Look forward to the next

episode very soon. Thanks for stopping by and reading our tease. 

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