Saturday, December 15, 2018

Zombicide: The Rock

It seemed like forever but in fact it took three days to get
the yacht roped into the tour dock. We spotted a few zombies
and no living as we approached the mooring. The last effort
took Otis, Ned, Doug, and Phil swimming a line in to tie off
and slowly over several hours get the yacht close enough to
drop the plank. 

Amy walked over to a bulletin posted on a sign. “Uh guys,
not good news. This notice states tours will end March 1st. 
Alcatraz will resume active prison status as the civil situation
is deteriorating in the Bay Area.”

The team is glad to be on land but it’s a blow that it doesn’t 
seem like we came to a deserted paradise. We are low on ammo
but gather what we have and move toward the prison to find the
machine and repair shop. 
Let’s go to work

The team has gotten to within a few blocks of the prison entrance. 
It seems quiet so hopefully the police cars hold some treasures. 

Amy checks police car one.....Zombie!

With Josh and Ned covering her Wanda inspects car two. 
Zombie! Ok, our luck can’t be this bad. Doug moves to check
A room for the a badge card for the prison and Wanda moves in
and covers the search. 


The commotion has caused zombies to start filling the exercise
yard. The streets are filling with zombies in both prisoner and
police gear. It must have gotten ugly here quick. More than 
likely an infected guard, prisoner, or heck an infected tourist 
hidden on the island. 

The team works with urgency to find a key or key card while staying 
quiet so that Wanda can lead the abomination the long way around. 
Phil and Doug try to escape path open. 

The abomination pummels the car as it pursues the team. It wants
to destroy!

Amy finds the wardens apartment and strikes gold. A set of keys
labeled and a key card. She signals josh and he understands. He
will lead the group of zombies away so Amy can slip out. 

Josh and Ned have left Amy a manageable escape route but the
other half of the team is getting cut off. 

Amy make her move to link up with the team as the make their 
play to break the zombie envelopment. 

Through sheer will, determination, and luck the team regroups
just ahead of the horrific horde. 

The exercise yard continues to fill. 

Ned, Josh, and Doug try to thin the persuit as the other hack around
the side alley. 

We punched through and now it’s a mad dash to the prison entrance. 
As we run, we pour everything we have into the exercise yard to
thin the build up of zombies. 

We are in and the key works!

Josh joins the team as we pull the security door closed ahead of 
the growing hordes. 

The team inventories their weapons and ammo. They can hear noises
of the undead in the prison but at least they’ve got a secure room 
to take a quick breathe. 

Once again this was an exceptional game of Zombicide. Several times 
the teams fate road on a die roll or two. The early discovery of the
Abomination seemed bad but really worked better than finding it later
between the team and it’s goal. We used the stand alone Prison box set
 other than using our original base team. Thanks for reading our story. 
The next episode should be played and posted soon. 

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